A rose that won't bloom

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Toby pov

Ash leaves and I walk up to my room and fall asleep.

Toby's dream

Time: 1:00 p.m
Setting: school cafeteria
Date: May 31, 2015 (today)

I walk into the school cafeteria. There is nothing in there. No windows, people, tables, lights, anything.

I turn around to leave, but the doors are gone. Just a wall. I start banging on the wall but nothing happens. I scream for help but all there is, is silence.

I turn around and there's Ash. And a group of boys I don't know. They croud around her. I try to move to go help her, seeing as she looks scared and the boys look, well, scandalous. But nothing happens. I can't move. I use all my streght to try to move but my body won't budge.

One of the boys push her to the ground and she curls up in a ball. A different one kicks her in the ribs.

"HEY!" I scream but nobody even acknowledges that I'm there.

The boys start laughing and then continuously kick her in the stomach, back and the back of her neck.

"HEY! STOP THAT! YOU RAT BASTARDS, STOP! PLEASE STOP!" I scream, and again, nobody even flinches.

The boys disappear and Ash is left crying in a ball on the floor.

"Ash? Ash? Can you here me?" She doesn't move. She just stays the way she is.

*dream ends*

I wake up. My god, does anybody actually treat her like that? I sure hope not.

Ash pov

I walk away from him and start walking to my next class. Science. Well, ethology. I love ethology, studying animal behavior. Such as, aggression, mating habbits, etc.

I just strongly dislike the teacher and all the idiots in there. Sometimes the level of idiocy is amusing, other times it makes me want to rip off the peoples heads or throw a rabbid squirrel with rabies at their junk. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm the only girl in this class. And I swear I'm the only one taking this class that actually knows what they're doing.

And are teacher, Ms. Gibbons, is horrible at teaching. I mean, she actually tries unlike all the other teachers in this school and I respect her for that. But all she does is put notes on the chalk board.

Yeah, it's 2015 and my school still has chalk boards.

I don't see how the people in this class pass. Actually, I do. They don't try, fail the test, and get their rich parents to bribe the teachers. I know because Ms. Gibbons told me. And I asked one of the boys in the class, and they said it was true. It's fucking bullshit.

I work my ass off for this class. Did I mention this is A.P science? How are these kids in this class?! I worked my ass of to get straight A's in this class and the douchey mc douche bags in here, fail almost all the tests and are still getting A's and B's on their report card. What the fuck?!

I get to the class and sit in the back, right corner of the room. Where I always sit in all of my classes. I'm the second one in the classroom. Besides the teacher.

Does Damien actually think I'm gonna be friends with him after what he did? I am a pretty forgiving person. But only when it's reasonable.

Speak of the devil, Damien walks into the classroom. He comes and sits by me. Maybe is should give him a chance. He did help me after all and might actually help me with Cody.

He looks at me and smiles. I smile back. I never really noticed, but he is REALLY attractive. More attractive than Toby. And that's saying something. Damien is actually kinda hot- I mean- mildly attractive.

"Are you one of the people who bribes the teacher with money so you get good grades?" I ask him.

"Nah, those kids are idiotic assholes. They're the kind of people who fuck 5 girls a day. I know because I use to be in football and they're all on the team. All they ever talk about is how much pussy they slay."

"Honestly, I thought you were like that. I guess I was wrong. And s-sorry f-for j-just j-j-jumping to c-conclusions. I-i kn-know it's wr-wrong. I c-c-can b-be a b-b-b-bitch s-sometimes."

"Nah, it's fine. I don't really care what people think about me. I only care what one person thinks of me."

"Since when, and wh-who?"

"Since I saw her and can not say. Once we're friends I'll tell you."

"Don't be so confident."

"Why? We both know it'll eventually happen."

"You're right. You did help me with- what happened. I am gonna give you a chance. I want to be your friend." I let out a sigh.

"Really?! Yay! Imsohappyyourgivingmeachancethankyousosomuchyouwontregretit!" Know its his turn to sigh. He has a huge teethy bright smile on his face.

I take in what he just said. He said it so fast you would think the flash is taking over his voice box.

I smile at his anxiousness. Wait- did I just smile? A real smile? He actually made me smile. I don't think I'll regret my decision. I'm gonna need to get use to his anxiousness if it is a normal thing for him. I do need somebody like that in my life, though. This might be good for me. A change for once.

So much has happened this week.

Damien starts drawing a picture of me. I don't think he knows I'm watching him. He's really good at drawing.

Neither of us are paying attention. I'm paying attention to him and he's paying attention to his drawing.

He stars drawing a little hearts around the picture. Oh. My. God.

He sees me staring and we're both blushing furiously.

"Y-you're r-r-really good a-at d-d-drawing." I say and scratch the back of my neck nervously.


The Bell rings and I stand up, gather my things and start walking to the bathroom coming to a sudden realization. I didn't cleen up the blood on the floor. Oh shit. I hurry to the bathroom and go in. Nobody's in there. My mess is still there.

I get paper towels and start cleaning the blood. It doesn't take long. I throw away the bloody towels hoping nobody sees them.

I walk to my locker and Damien is there waiting for me.

"Hey, wanna ditch?" He asks and smiles brightly at me.

"Y-yeah. W-what w-was-" I don't finish my sentence.

I want to ask what was the drawing about. But I don't.


"The d-d-d-draw-ing..."

"O-oh, that was just, uh... I swear it wasn't like that. Now let's go." He smiles and takes his phone out.

"O-o-ok." I say.

He takes a picture of me.

"Ummmmm w-why did you just take a picture of m-me?"

"We are friends now, right?"


"So I need at least one actual picture of you."

"O-oh. Alright then."

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