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Toby pov

She falls asleep on the couch like that. She's so pretty when she sleeps. Nah, scratch that, she's drop dead gorgeous, period. Haha, I said period.
I was so surprised when Ash hollered last night though. I hated seeing her like that. She looked angry and broken down. But she needs a friend that can protect her. I hate to say it, but she looks pretty wimpy. I fall asleep next to her. I've only known her for a day and I already have a huge crush on her. She so cute. She has a hot body and a cute face.

Toby's dream

Time: midnight
Setting:insain asylum

Ash is sitting on a bed in an insain asylum crying silently. Her makeup is running. She looks so sad. I walk in and sit next to her. She looks up at me.
"I hear the devil's footsteps." She says in a quiet voice. What?
She presses her lips up against mine. The kiss is gentle but passionate.
"I love you Toby." She says quietly.
"I love you too, Aston."
She starts to pull off her shirt.
*dream ends*
Then my dream is interrupted by Ash screaming I bolt up, she's sleeping. Sleep screaming? That's weird. I wake her up.

Ash's dream

Setting:insain asylum

I'm sitting on a bed in the loony bin crying. Toby walks into the room and sits on the edge of the bed. I look up at him.

"I hear the devil's footsteps." I say.
"Huh?" He sounds so confused.
There's a moment of silence.
I look up at him.
"I love you Toby." I say.
"I love you too, Ashton." He replys and smiles warmly.
I kiss him. Well, that's surprising. Not as surprising as the fact that he kisses me back. I start to take off my shirt. Then my dad storms in with a gun, screaming my name. He has blood dripping out of his mouth and he has a lighter in the hand without the gun. I scream.
*dream ends*

Ash pov

That's when I get a woken up by Toby.
"Ash, you ok?"
"Y-yeah..." I blush remembering the dream.
"You were sleep screaming."
"I-i-i had a n-nightmare."
"Wanna talk about it?"
"Y-yes please."
I sit up and he sits next to me.
"So, what happened?" He asks me, concern in his voice.
"W-well I was in an insain asylum and I-i was s-sitting on a bed c-crying, then my d-d-dad storms into the room with a g-gun in one hand a-and a lighter in the other. And he's s-screaming. He was about to s-shoot m-me I think, but that's when y-you woke me up. Th-thanks by the way."
"For what?" He asks.
"Waking m-me up."
"Oh, um, welcome." He blushes.
"What were you dreaming about?" I ask him.
"Uh...nothing... Umm I don't remember..." Now his face is bright red, like a tomato.

He stands up and gets a red bull from the fridge. When he starts walking back I notice he has a boner. I giggle.

"L-look down." Now I'm on the floor laughing and crying. I don't know why I find this so hysterical.
"Oh. Damn."
"I-i-i think I know w-what you were dreaming of."
"N-no!" He replys. He's getting really defensive, I think he was!

Jinxx pov

I wake up to hearing hysterical laughing. I walk downstairs and see Ash on the floor laughing and Toby looking down on her with his arms crossed, frowning.

"What's going on?" I ask.
"Toby had a dirty dream!" Ash replys. Why is that so funny? I have no idea.
"No I didn't!" Toby says, very defensive. I can tell he's lying.

Toby picks up Ash and lays her on the couch.

"Go back to sleep." He orders Ash.
"B-but-" She sticks out her bottom lip and makes her eyes all big and sad. She's good at puppy face.
"No buts. It's 4 a.m. You need some sleep."
"Fine." She mumbles.

Me and Toby walk into the kitchen.
"So. What was the dream?"I ask him.
" Well. Ash was sitting on a bed crying. In an insain asylum. So I walk over and sit on the bed next to her. She whispers, 'I hear the devil's footsteps', you know like the line in 'Devil'."
"And so I'm like, 'Huh?' Then she looks up at me and says that she loves me. Then I say that I love her too. Then she kisses me. It was a long, gentle, passionate kiss. Then she starts taking her shirt off. That's when I get woken up by her screaming. She had a bad dream about her dad." He explains.
"So, you like her?"I ask him.
" Yeah."
"Me too." I reply.

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