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Vogue just called. They want to put you on the front cover.

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: i'm sorry

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: please Charlotte

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: we really need to talk

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: tell me what i did wrong

Charlotte's glare at her phone screen got progressively angrier as she scrolled through his messages. He knew what he did wrong. Was she not obvious when she said 'I've needed to tell you that I think you're wrong'? Was it not obvious she was mad that he called the kiss a mistake?  Was it not obvious that she liked him?

Gosh, boys could be so clueless.

"Ms. Jackson, I'll see you after class," stated Mrs. Wyatt, her voice booming throughout the classroom.


She shoved her phone in her jeans pocket with a groan. Mrs. Wyatt didn't screw around. Charlotte just hoped she didn't receive a detention.

The bell eventually rang and Charlie walked over to her with a small frown, getting ready to rant. "I've got to get home today.  My mom needs me to work in her bookstore, I can't have a det-"

"This is just a warning, Charlotte. Do you know how many kids I catch on their phone every class? I would have to put everyone in detention, and I have plans tonight as well.  I could care less."


"I just want you to know that I got you a tutor. They volunteered to replace Mr. Dawes just this morning."

Charlie furrowed her eyebrows.  "Really?"

"Would you be alright having Mr. Theodore Higgins as your tutor?"

That sly bastard.

"Yeah, that's great!" she said with a forced smile. "Thanks."


Charlie was watching Netflix, as per usual, when her mom poked her head in her room.  "Hey, shouldn't you be studying with Malcolm?"

"Ahh... He quit."

"What?" her mother questioned.  "Why? I liked him!"

"I don't know, ask him," she said glumly.

"Well, you still have to study," she reprimanded.

"I know, I know..." She should probably ask Theodore...  Her new tutor. Ah, crap.

"When you finish, come help me in the store," Mrs. Jackson said before whisking away.

With a sigh, she pulled out her phone.

Charlotte: do you wanna come over and study?

It was only a couple minutes later when her phone buzzed.

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: be right over


He was true to his word.

Only five minutes later, not even, he was knocking at her door.  His ebony hair was disheveled and his square glasses were perched on the crook of his nose.  His navy-blue backpack was slung over his shoulder and his light freckles seemed to stand out today more than ever.  His wide eyes seemed to sparkle and his lips formed a slight, knowing grin.  "Let's get started."

She led him to her bedroom [letting him stop to say hi to her mother first] and they sat down facing each other on her bed, Charlotte sitting cross-legged on her pillow with her back on the headrest, Teddy sitting on the end.

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