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You're so beautiful when you smile.

THE DAY AFTER Charlie recieved two [technically three] notes, she narrowed down her list of possible note-makers during Spanish class. She had to admit it was a bit challenging, having to track down who had been absent more than just that one time, and having to think back to yesterday to remember if anyone on her list had been absent again.

She eventually made it to a list of four people, four people that were all absent on the same day for the first time. She found that a little strange, but she didn't feel the need to touch up on it. It was probably just one big coincidence.

- Shane Marshall

- Malcolm Dawes

- Theodore Higgins

- Sadie Hunter

Nick had been absent multiple times throughout the year, and Darla was absent again yesterday, so they were off the list.

She decided to get started on narrowing it down, and finding the writer behind the notes. As soon as the bell rang, she had finished calculating her plan to find the note maker, starting with the last name on the list, simply because Charlie had her next class with her.

She got to English class and headed straight to the back of the classroom, where she knew the famous Sadie Hunter would be seated.

She nervously slid into the desk beside Sadie, who was chomping on a piece of bubblegum with her black combat boots crossed and resting on the chair in front of her.

Sadie gave her a side glance of disgust before staring straight ahead as the teacher walked in. Gosh, Charlie really hoped that this wasn't her note-maker. No offense to Sadie Hunter, but she just realy scared the crap out of her.

Sadie reminded her a bit of her sister Hazel, with a give-no-cares attitude and an eff-you-all-I'm-the-queen vibe. Even though Charlie had limited social interaction, she was pretty confident she could handle the ice princess, the ruler of the school, gorgeous badass Sadie Hunter.

Her hair was pin-straight, and a deadly, dark brown color, bangs messily [yet perfectly...how?] covering her forehead. Her eyes were electric blue, startling Charlotte, black eyeliner curled around her eye kind of like a wing, her eyelashes rolling like a wave and her eyebrows practically perfect. Her black, skinny jeans were ripped at the knees and her shirt was of some band. She had cheekbones resting high on her face, and the slight shadow of a dimple.

Charlotte was super weird to be staring at her like that. She was a super weird person in general, most people would agree, and it seemed Sadie seemed to think that too. Her glances of confusion and repulsion lowered her confidence in the plan and her overall self-esteem for herself. Sadie Hunter found her repulsive. Honestly, Charlotte should have seen it coming.

She was a nobody, a loser in an oversized, black Boston Bruin's hoodie with dead-looking, brown hair and dull, pale brown eyes. The fact that she had bags under her eyes and a decent-sized stain of god-knows-what on her grey sweatpants didn't help her look reasonable, either. She didn't take the time to use makeup like other girls did, or curl her hair, or to even comb her hair. She completely understood why Sadie looked at her like a freak.

The teacher was lecturing, and Charlie was frantically scribbling down notes, attempting to rid her thoughts of that. Stop it, who cares what Sadie Hunter thinks? Not you. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sadie picking at her nails.

"Are you going to take any notes?" Charlie whispered to her. More like whispered into her desk, however, terrified that she was talking to freaking Sadie Hunter, a largely feared girl throughout the school. Sadie was the resident 'bad girl' that still managed to get straight A's. She was a legend.

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