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What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down? It gets toad away.


HER EYELIDS FELT heavy as she slowly peeled them open. A dark shadow covered the area, and her eyes adjusted to the strange room. This wasn't her bedroom. Her bedroom was small... Quaint, even, and definitely didn't have a flatscreen television, as far as she knew.

Ah, she was in Teddy's basement. That explains why it's dark.

Charlie noticed Shane on the ground in front of her, sprawled out on the carpet, dead asleep.

Asleep. She had actually fallen asleep.

A grin crept onto her lips when she realized no nightmares had infiltrated her mind. No nightmares.

Her neck and back felt stiff and she arched her body, feeling her bones crack and pop. Charlotte was surprised to see a chocolate brown, furry blanket tucking her in.

She glanced to her left. Malcolm's face was pressed down into the couch's cushioned arm rest, his breathing at a steady pace.

Darting her vision to her right, she realized Theodore [she thought she should probably start calling him Theodore so she wouldn't embarrass him in front of his cousin and his...aquantince] wasn't there. Even in the dim lighting, she could tell he was nowhere to be found in the room.

Lifting the blanket off of her, she climbed over Shane and tiptoed to the stairs, running a hand through her unruly, bed-head hair.

There was a small sound coming from upstairs, and Charlie followed the noise. It sounded like the beep of a microwave or something.

The third stair creaked and she froze, hoping no one woke up on her account.

Opening the basement door stealthily, she slipped onto the first floor of Theodore's house. She peered around the corner to the kitchen and saw that the microwave was open. Strange.

Silently, she walked into the kitchen.

"Holy shit."

She swung around towards the voice, and saw Tedd- Theodore, in just boxers, frozen in the hallway holding a bowl of what she assumed was oatmeal.

Her mouth dropped open, and she began to rapidly blink. "Oh my god."

"I didn't think you were up yet, shit-" he began to frantically curse, setting his oatmeal on the counter.

Charlie tried not to look, but her eyes darted quickly to his pale chest, and saw that he was wearing striped blue boxers. Oh good god, she was such a creep. She was a creep! Staring at a very cute boy in his boxers. Oh my goodness. What was she even saying.

She instantly busied herself away from staring and gulped. "Erm, c-could you please go a-and... Put on some clothes?"

Curse her stumbling. And her blushing.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm- I'll be on that," he replied, his deep voice shaking as well. Teddy shot out of the room, letting Charlie heave a sigh of relief.


Her heart was pounding, why was her heart pounding, and her chest was thumping and her breathing was unsteady, goddamn Theodore was trying to give her a heart attack. And it was only nine in the morning.

Although she was confused as to why Theodore was in the kitchen, she decided to shrug it off. It was probably nothing.

He finally came back down, clad in sweatpants and a Captain America shirt, possibly because they had watched the Avengers the night before. Charlie grinned. There was a small bit of tension because she just saw him, her best friend, in his boxers, a boy just in boxers, which flustered her slightly.

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