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Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are CuTe. ❞

CHARLIE WAS CURRENTLY curled up in a ball on her cramped twin bed. She couldn't sleep.

[what a surprise]

She was too hot to be under her giant comforter, so all she had was a thin baby blanket she'd had since she was young that barely covered her whole body. Her phone was illuminating her dark room and lighting up her face underneath the small blanket.

The time at the top of her phone read 12:18, and a little sigh escaped her lips. Tumblr was currently her main procrastination tool.

One post made a laugh slip out (louder than she expected) and she froze, hoping no one heard her.

Nothing. Just some loud snores coming from her parent's room, soft music from Skylar's, the sound of a television in Lucas's, and...silence from Hazel's room.

It was a couple minutes later (after laying silently in a frightened state, assuring that her family was, in fact, asleep) when she read a post that caused her to pause.

i want to be with someone who will come over to my house and just watch Netflix with me. i want to be with someone who will make up a secret language only the two of us understand, along with a handshake we do only with each other. i want to be with someone who will blast music in their car and scream-sing it with me. i want to be with someone who will answer my late-night texts and call me in the blink of an eye and talk until i fall asleep. i want to be with someone who appreciates me and likes me for me.

Subconsciously her thoughts darted to Teddy.

No. Not now.

She cleared him from her head and read the next post.

• nice hair
• nOt an asshole
• humor. humor is top priority.
• wiLL taLk bOOKS wiTh mE!
• good! music! taste!
• pretty eyes!!1!1!!1!1!1
• jawline
• nice face
• is nerdy aSF
• will try/pretend to enjoy things i like as to not rain on my parade
• will give me hugs when i'm feeling sad
• or when i just want a hug
• will just chill w/ me and binge watch
• will kiss me. a lot

Shut up. Shut up, brain. Shut up Tumblr. Shut up. Shut up. Stupid Tumblr user sophieclaflin. Stupid. Shut up.

Charlotte shut off her phone.

She couldn't think of that right now.

Why not?

Finals are soon, she argued with herself, reciting what usually flitted through her head. We're best friends, and I don't want to ruin in. Malcolm has a crush on me, and if I told him I didn't like him and dated his cousin instead, he's never talk to me again.

Malcolm, however, was a very understanding person. Besides, she didn't think that she could stay just friends with Teddy much longer.

Screw it.

She would just let her have this one. Charlotte didn't know where she'd end up, but at least she knew she'd be happy.

She fell asleep (yes-fell asleep) with Teddy in her dreams. Dream-Teddy running towards her with a smile and engulfing her in a hug. Dream-Teddy pointing out constellations to her under the starry skies. Dream-Teddy slowly waltzing with her to the Beatles in her bedroom.

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