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You are so beautiful even the rain falls for you.

IT HAD BEEN RAINING the whole day.

It was sixth period, or rather, right after it. The bell had just run, and Charlotte was scurrying along to her next class.

Charlie ducked her head down, clutching her schoolbooks to her chest. One more period and she'd be done for the day.

The bell was nearly about to ring, so she hurried her pace to the History classroom.

It was probably her fault; she wasn't looking where she was going, anyways. But still, that big, beefy guy shouldn't have rammed into her like that. It was easily enough force to almost send her sprawling, her books flying out of her arms as she went down.

Charlie could almost see herself falling in slow motion, and she was faintly humming mmm watcha say in the back of her mind.

This was just like the time when she was knocked over by that jock and Malcolm nearly flattened him.

She was falling, falling, and squeezing her eyes shut, waiting for impact...

And landed into a hard chest.

Someone's arms wrapped around her. There was an uncomfortable, tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Are you alright?" they asked, their voice deep and husky. Like they just rolled out of bed.

"I'm f-fine," she steadied herself, leaned down to gather her books, and faced him.

Charlotte sucked in a breath.

He was blinking hard, as if trying to commit her image to memory. His hair was ruffled, like he hadn't brushed it. His glasses were slightly crooked on his nose, his freckles prominent on his high cheekbones. His ocean eyes glimmered. "Charlotte..."

Teddy, you're the best friend I have, but right now I'm hella confused and the weird slithering in my stomach when I see you isn't helping.

"Oh, hey Theodore," she cringed at her awkwardness "Thanks for that save."

"My pleasure."

He was so tall and awkward and lanky, she wanted to squeeze his freckle-filled, dimply cheeks.

"I'm..." His voice got real quiet and Charlotte had to move out of the way for people trying to get into the classroom. "I'm sorry about the Dunkin' Donuts, I-"

"No no, it's mostly my fault, don't worry about it."

"Nah, Charlie, it's all on me, and I'm sorry about that."

No! Stop saying that, because it was my fault we kissed! I placed my lips on your cheek! I started it!!!

"Well, Teddy, I have to get to class really q-"

While she was turning towards the door, his soft fingers caught her wrist, causing her to spin around. Her breath hitched. Her skin tingled.

"Charlotte, we need to talk abou-"

Rrrrrrrrring ring!

Thank God for the bell.

"Um, bye Theodore," she yelled over her shoulder as she skirted into the classroom.

Mr. Hollins glanced at her with squinted eyes. "Nice of you to join us."

Oh, for God's sake, she was a second late! And it was all that frustrating boy's fault.

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