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You're so gorgeous. Seriously.

OVERFLOWING WITH CONFUSION, Charlie was rested on her bed with her feet crossed, dangling in the air. She was so bewildered that either Malcolm or Theodore wrote her notes every day. It made her blush to think that one of them had written cheesy sentences like she had a beautiful smile, or that she was always on their mind.

She had found today's note in the front cover of the current book she was reading, one of her favorites, My Wattpad Love, a book she had read on the Wattpad app and had to have as soon as it landed in bookstores [her mother's being one of them].

It never failed to surprise her when she recieved a note, even though she got them every day. They were always at different times, so unexpected, and it amazed her how she found them.

In her hoodie pocket, in her locker, in her book... She always wondered how the note creator got her the notes. Like, how the hell did they put that note in her pencil case a couple day ago? It was strange. But, she had to admit, she really liked it.

They were so sweet and inspiring, each one making her blush up a storm, a whole hurricane throwing cars and blowing over houses inside her stomach. Like the butterflies you got around your crush, except... Different. She didn't have a crush. They were just violent butterflies of happiness.

She heard a buzzing.

She felt around the fuzzy blanket on her bed for her phone. The silicone case greeted her fingers and she anxiously checked her phone to see why it as buzzing.

Unknown number: hey, this is Shane

Blinking. Open mouth. Eyebrows raised. What in the world.

Shane. She didn't think he would actually text her. It took him a day, but still, he had texted her. This was insane.

She hadn't actually wanted him to text her back. She had just wrote her number as an excuse to see his handwriting! Oh god, this was totally unexpected in her books.

Charlie didn't know how to respond. She was just an antisocial, nerdy, geeky loner. She didn't normally correspond with others.

She didn't know how to talk to people. She didn't know how people joked, if they understood her sense of humor of corny puns and inappropriate jokes, if people were just teasing her or actually meaning it literally (something she could never distinguish), and she definitely didn't know how people texted.

She replied.

Charlotte: hi! -charlotte

Gosh, she was too awkward. She didn't know how to respond to messages, or conversations in general. Her mind went blank when it came to things like this.

She was cringing heavily as their strange conversation continued and saved Shane as a contact in her phone. She would have never thought to have Shane Marshall's phone number.

Shane: how's your foot?

Charlie stared blankly at her phone. My foot... My foot...


Charlotte: it's a lot better. i iced it and stuff

Shane: that's good

Charlotte: yeah

He was fairly nice after all.

Shane: hey, do you want to sit with my friend and i at lunch tomorrow?

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