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If life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic.

THE LOOMING THREAT of finals was slowly but surely creeping up on her.

Charlotte had studied here and there, but with everything that had been going on, finals were the last thing on her mind.


Teddy Orion: do you want to come over?

Charlie huffed.

Charlotte: can't. studying.

Teddy Orion: i can help?

She rolled her eyes.

Charlotte: fine

Charlotte: be there in a sec

Closing up her books and stuffing them in her backpack, Charlie cautiously walked up to Skylar's bedroom and knocked on the wooden door.

"Sky?" she drawled out. "Skylar...?"

The door creaked open, a frizzy-haired, pajama-wearing girl in the doorway.

"Whaddaya want," she sleepily mumbled, leaning against the door.

"Did you seriously just wake up?" Charlotte asked. "It's already eleven in the morning."

"So?" she yawned out, rubbing her eyes.

"Could you please drive me to Teddy's? Please?" she begged, adjusting the strap on her backpack.

"Why don't you just drive there yourself?" Skylar mumbled, narrowing her eyes.

"Because I don't like to drive, and you know it!" she exclaimed.

"Fine," Skylar said, rolling her eyes. "But you're going to have to start to drive yourself. I'm not driving you everywhere your whole life."

"Alright," she muttered.

"Go out to the jeep, I'll meet you out there.  I just need to... Clean up..." Skylar mumbled, shutting the door on her.

Charlotte ran to the jeep before Skylar changed her mind.


"Hi, Mrs. Higgins, nice to see you again," Charlie said with a grin to Teddy's mom.

"Aw, Charlotte, it's good to see you too!" Kathy gushed, leading her inside the house.  "Theodore's been cooped up all day, so I'm really glad you're here."

Her heart warmed.  "It's my pleasure."

"TEDDY," Mrs. Higgins shouted.  "CHARLOTTE'S HERE!"

It slightly surprised Charlie that Mrs. Higgins called him Teddy. She wasn't the only one to call him Teddy?

"COMING!" he yelled back, and Charlotte heard him stomping down the stairs.

"Just warning you now, he's been a little grumpy. That's given, since of recently, but if he's being a pain in the butt, just tell me and I'll slap him for you," Kathy side-whispered to her. 

"Will do," Charlie whispered back.

Teddy came into sight.  Wearing a navy blue flannel (the blue matching his eyes) with the sleeves rolled up, Charlotte gulped.   She marveled at how tall he was, at least six foot one, maybe six foot two.  His midnight-black hair was messily swept to one side, sticking up in some places and almost fluffy-looking.  His hands were in the pockets of his shorts and his glasses were resting on his nose.

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