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Are you google? Because you have everything I'm looking for.

"CAN YOU DRIVE me somewhere?" Charlie questioned Hazel, her head cocked and a hand on her hip.

Hazel was on the couch, her feet propped on the coffee table as she watched Netflix. With a groan, she turned her head to face Charlie. "I need more details."

"Er..." Charlie blushed. "I'm going to a sleepover."

Hazel crinkled her eyebrows together. "With who? You don't have any friends."

"Gee, thanks."

She rolled her eyes. "No, but seriously. Who?"

"Well, um, there's Malcolm, Shane, and then, you know, Theodore."

"You're going to a sleepover with all guys?" Hazel asked with her eyes nearly popping out of her head. "That's not a good idea, Charlie. Three guys. A sleepover. That's gotta be doomed for trouble."

"No! They're all nice, and they'd never..." she mumbled, ducking her head. "Try anything..."

Hazel raised an eyebrow, shutting off the TV. "Fine, but when we get there, I'm going to have a little chat with them."

Charlotte's eyes widened. Oh no. She was going to, like, murder them. She couldn't murder them. They were the only people that kind of liked her. They deserved to live.

"O-okay," she mumbled, heading upstairs to get herself packed for the sleepover.

Except... What do you pack for a sleepover?

After contemplating this statement deeply, she finally plucked up the courage to text Shane.

Charlotte: er, sorry to bother you, but what should i bring?

Charlotte: to teddy's [she backspaced that before she sent it]

Charlotte: to theodore's

Charlotte: also, what's his address...?

She frantically paced around her room until she heard a ding, signaling a new message. She leapt onto her fluffy bed and snatched her phone to see it.

Shane: wow, so many questions


Shane: just bring normal stuff, like a sleeping bag, movies, pillows, pajamas, etc.


Shane: and 53 stonefield road

Charlotte let out a deep breath and replied, her fingers flying across her phone screen.

Charlotte: thanks, i'll be there. 7, right? also, beware, my sister is going to 'chat' with you guys

Shane: yeah, 7. why am i bewaring???

Charlotte: you'll understand. i have to go pack, see ya

Shutting off her phone, she tossed it onto her bed again and bent over, grabbing her pajamas that she had thrown on the ground. The pajamas consisting of a pair of fuzzy black and white polka dot pants and a black spaghetti string top.

Charlotte then collected her blue sleeping bag and shoved her pajamas and a pillow inside it, throwing it over her shoulder.

Now, movies...

Charlotte had no horror movies. She checked her closet, her shelves, her desk, under her bed (where she kept a stash of food when in need of some chocolate), but she had nothing.

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