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The past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

CHARLIE AND TEDDY were slowly creeping back to a healthy friendship status after the infamous phone call. 

Friendship. That's all it was.

A couple weeks had gone by, and it was nearly June.  That meant finals, the end of school, all of that jazz.  Finals were just starting to get to Charlotte, because each study session with Teddy had just turned into videogames and action movies, making her slightly nervous.

She was currently attempting to finish her homework, but the yelling between Hazel and her parents was too loud.

"-are you kidding me? But-"

"-failed your classes, doing God-knows-what-"

"-my life, you don't control-"

Charlotte got out of her rolling desk chair and closed the door, which seemed to muffle the sound at least a little bit.  She flopped on her bed with a sigh.

Charlie pulled out her phone from her back pocket.  Pressing some buttons, she finally got to messages.

Charlotte: they're at it again

Charlotte: the yelling is distracting me from homework

In less than a minute later, her phone buzzed in her hands, making her bite her lip to stop from smiling like a maniac.

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!: want to come to my place?

She should really change his contact name.

Charlotte: nah, i'm fine. you'll just distract me more

As she waited for him to reply, she changed his contact name.

Teddy Orion: true

Charlie was in a sighing mood, she confirmed, as she let another deep, whispy breath leave her mouth.

Suddenly, Charlotte heard the crisp, deafening slam of a door adjacent to hers; Hazel.

She cautiously walked to her door and slipped it open a crack, looking through the tiny sliver. 

"I don't need to be here," Hazel yelled, a sleeping bag in her hand and her black leather bag slung over her shoulder.  "I was never needed or wanted.  I understand.  But I sure as hell know I don't need to be at a military school."

"Get back here young lady," Charlotte's father commanded in a hard [quite terrifying] voice as her mother gasped in a sharp breath.

Hazel swore loudly and Charlotte saw tears cloud up in her eyes, one rolling down her cheek.  With a shake of her head, she disappeared. 

Charlotte's parents were bounding down the stairs, chasing Hazel into the bookstore.

She heard that door slam as well, a piercing echo dizzying Charlie.

She was gone.

Her hands shook as she quickly and quietly shut the door and numbingly reached for her phone.  Her fingers shook as she pressed her thumbs to the keyboard.

Charlotte: she left

Charlotte: teddy, she left

Charlotte: she swore and they screamed and she walked out of the door

Charlotte: she had a backpack and her sleeping bag and she just ran out

Charlotte: she's run before, but i think she was serious this time

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