xxxvi. never not mine

864 54 64


walker stupid idiot
leah leahbeth
aryan stupid idiot enabler
charlie fat idiot
dior didie

OH U MAD (walker made this)

stupid idiot
guess who bribed my dad to
drive me to new york

left at 4:30 am

feeling tired

stupid idiot enabler

oh they're so back


it's 8 am yall shut up

fat idiot
it's literally a monday
shouldn't you all be in school


stupid idiot enabler

stupid idiot
iiiiii feel so high schooolll
every timeeeee that i look
at youuuu

but look at youuuuu

do none of you care

fat idiot
no i care

walk why are you ...??


he's gonna go kiss her probably


what inspired this

stupid idiot enabler
probably a love letter

he's sappy like that

stupid idiot
k weird fucking freak

do u stalk me

stupid idiot enabler
no juliet texted us all last night

fat idiot
he wasn't supposed to know
that one babes


stupid idiot enabler


THE CLOSER HE GOT TO Juliet's house, the more he felt like this was a terrible idea and he was going to throw up. His dad had been trying
to talk to him the whole car ride, but every time he tried to speak, his mouth ran dry. What was he supposed to do when he had to talk to Juliet? What was he even planning on saying?

        He was ten minutes away, and he had no idea what he wanted to ever say. Walker has never felt so dumb a day in his life. He couldn't just walk up to her door and kiss her, that's just wrong. He didn't know what Juliet wanted— what if she wanted to talk to just let him down gently. God, they were supposed to be just friends. How did it turn into all of this? He loved Juliet, of course he did, but acting on it right now seemed like the last thing he wanted to do.

He looked down at his hands in his lap, holding flowers and stupid necklace he regretted bringing. Juliet was definitely going to think he was weird, she was going to see what he brought and run away screaming because she didn't feel the same. He hoped she did, he really did, but he felt the chances were slim. Plus, she just broke up with her boyfriend. Oh my god. What was he doing? He's dumb. He's majorly dumb, royally screwed as well. He was too blinded by his stupid love to see it all—

"We're here, buddy," Pete looked at his son, patting him on the shoulder then bringing him in to press a kiss to the top of his head. "You got her, you always have. You know that, right?" Walker looked at his dad, "Oh, totally. I definitely have her. In my pocket, actually." His dad smiled, "Stop with the sass, Mr. You're gonna get out of this car, I'm going to drive off. Because I trust that she feels the same way about you and this will go well. Text me, okay?" Walker nodded as he got out of the car and waved goodbye to his dad. He watched his dad drive away before finally turning around and walking to the door.

Before he could even knock, he saw the face of the girl he'd been thinking of for the past two years as the door swung open. Walker took her in, all of her. Her hair was curly, which he loved, and she still had on her matching PJ set. They were covered in hearts, and it was the cutest thing he'd seen all day. She had a dog toy in one hand and a dropped blanket in the other. The look she wore on her face was one Walker had never seen before. But he could read her eyes, and he knew what they meant; she felt the same. They looked like literal hearts.

As she looked down at his hands and back at his face, this reminded of the time he got her flowers and a teddy bear. He hated everything about that week, she didn't speak to him because of all the hate she was getting. For what? Just sitting with her legs in his lap? She'd done with Charlie, Aryan, Dior— everyone. It's who she was. And she was what? Twelve? It was unfair. But, this reminded him of that. A reunion over something so small, something none of them had control over. Time and life works in mysterious ways, and maybe the time away from her helped him realize he was truly, deeply, irrevocably in love with her.

Barely a few seconds had passed when she dropped what she was holding and took the closing steps between the two. As she grabbed his face, Walker could swear his heart soared. Then, her lips were on his, and it was like heaven. Her lips were soft, and it felt like the night of their first kiss again, but better. They knew they loved each other. They always did, of course, but now more than ever. He dropped everything he had, not caring about any of it, and snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. He felt her smile, and he followed suit, before pulling away. "Was that your response to the letter, Jules?" Walker gave her a boyish smile, and he knew he had her again when her own didn't falter.

"I came outside in booty shorts and a tiny tank top when the creepy old man across the street is known to peak out his winder every 5 minutes, Walk. I think my response is a little obvious," Juliet kept her hands on his face, she feared if she moved them he'd disappear. "And you were really never not mine, Walker. You know that. I—," Walker knew she hesitated to say the three words he had written to her over and over in his letter. "I love you, more, Jules," Walker didn't feel ashamed to say that. He wasn't embarrassed, he just felt happy. He knew she felt the same.

        "I think that's impossible. I love you," Juliet smiled and then kissing his lips again. It was short and sweet, but had the same amount of meaning.


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