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9:55 AM


ophelia's going to the city
today with a friend

and i was wonderingg

maybe we could hang out?

dyl pickle🥒

sorry too excited

yes that is totally cool

any time??

pick you up in like an hour?

that way we have majority of the day

dyl pickle🥒
perfect, let me know when
you're on your way jul


JULIET FELT INCREDIBLY STUPID AS Ophelia's car pulled up in front of Dylan's place; why was she so nervous? It was Dylan, her friend whom she hadn't seen in ages sure, but her friend all the same. Was it guilt? Or was it just her stupid anxiety? (She was sure it was the second option, because again, what does she have to be guilty for?)

Ophelia looked over at her sister after Juliet put her phone down, "So, how's Walker?" Juliet watched as Dylan walked down to the car, making sure to get her answer out quickly, "Walker is great. Dandy, even. Amazing, he's wonderful, really. Why?" Ophelia furrowed her brows, ignoring the fact that the back door opened and Dylan was in the car, "Why are you being weird? I always ask how he is." Dylan poked his head through the two seats, "Ask how who is?"

Juliet shot Ophelia the dirtiest look she could conjure before throwing Dylan a smile, "My friend." The word friend felt like poison coming out Juliet's mouth, it left a sour taste. She couldn't really say they were friends, friends don't kiss. Friends don't talk to each other the way they do, but she wasn't sure what else to say in front of the boy in the back seat. If she considered Walker and Dylan both her friends, then maybe she had to reconsider what friendship meant.

Juliet heard Ophelia mutter the word friend under her breath before beginning her drive, causing Juliet to feel even worse than she already did. Did she make a stupid decision, hanging out with Dylan? She felt her phone vibrate once, putting it on do not disturb before checking who it was. If it wasn't her mom, then it wasn't important. She turned to Dylan, "So, how are you?" Juliet chose to ignore the way he looked at her, it was almost comparable to the way Walker did. It made her stomach hurt, and her brain feel foggy. Dylan shot her a smile, "Well, I'm gonna spend a day in the city with my two favorite sisters, so, amazing!"

God, even the way he talked sounded like Walker. Ophelia joined in at that comment, "Yeah, where have you been, bud?" Juliet couldn't help but notice the slight aggression behind her voice, Ophelia had never talked to one of Juliet's friends that way. It was weird, it was defensive and strange and Juliet hated this already. (But she was going to have fun, and ignore the way there was a pit in her stomach and her mind always wandered back to Walker no matter what anyone said.)

Dylan leaned back again, "I've been busy, and so has Jules, I hear. Percy Jackson? That's insane. Did you meet any of the guests?" Juliet nodded, hating the way he brought up something that reminded her of her favorite blonde, "I wasn't supposed to even be on set, but I'm super close with Walker— Well, all of them. I'm close with Aryan and Leah, too. So I was set more than I should've been. My phone with Lin Manuel Miranda was my lock screen for like, three months." Dylan laughed, "That's so cool, Jules. It's a really great opportunity. How is Walker, by the way? I haven't talked to him since his birthday."

        Juliet forced a smile on her face, "God! It seems everyone's been asking about him today. Walker's really good, I think. I don't know more than the next person should." Juliet heard her sister sigh, muttering something about You know a lot more, or something, before the car dwindled down to a calm quiet. There was light conversation between Dylan and Juliet, but none Ophelia was joining in on. If she had joined in, maybe Juliet wouldn't feel so awful about this all. It wasn't like Ophelia to be defensive and quiet, but Juliet figured that maybe she deserved it. Her sister knew her better than anyone, and she knew enough to know when Juliet was feeling guilty.

        So, when they finally arrived, parking in a random garage and then deciding to walk around the touristy parts for fun, and Dylan made the random decision to grab her hand, Juliet might've almost thrown up. She didn't gather the courage to rip her hand away, she kept conversation as normal, but she felt awful. She was holding this boy who was her friend's hand, and she felt awful.

IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG FOR that awful feeling to go away, the more the group had fun. Juliet had developed the skill of ignoring Ophelia's backhanded comments, and it made the day all the much better. As the sun began to set, they were walking back to the car when Juliet looked at her phone. She had a few messages, noting that she'd have to check them once they dropped off Dylan.

        The car ride back was the same on the way there, somewhat tense and Juliet began to ignore the way Dylan was looking at her like she carved the earth herself. Their goodbyes were quick as well, because Juliet felt like the awfulness she felt would return if she'd taken the time to hug him and give him attention.

        It was then that she decided to look at her phone, and realized that she had ignored Walker all day. As she texted him, she felt sick. She felt like she was actually going to vomit, and the reality of it all came crashing down on her. She ignored the boy she loved— liked, ignored the boy she liked, to spend the day with a boy she used to like who most likely still liked her. She was the worst friend, or whatever she was, to Walker.

        So when she got home, she did as she promised. She facetimed him, and vowed to herself that any talk of what she did today would be shut down. If she talked about it, she'd let the truth slip, and Walker couldn't handle the truth. She knew that. Walker picked up after two rings, "Jules, I'm just so happy you are finally back." Juliet ignored the way his voice was laced with the slightest bit of sarcasm, and the fact that it could have rude intent behind it as she answered, "I know, I know, did you miss me?"

        The boy on the other end of the phone didn't know what he felt, really. He did miss her, but he knew she was lying. He'd clarified that the minute she texted him back, but he couldn't accuse her. So, he spent the rest of phone call as normal. Maybe she'd tell him the truth, but he hoped she wouldn't anytime soon. He wouldn't handle that very well.

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