xii. difficult seemed worth it

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user1 FINALE MEET UP????


"OPHIE, WHY ARE YOU TAKING so long? We need to go!" Juliet stomped her foot impatiently, mourning the fact that her incredibly slow sister had to be her chaperone to LA and not her mom. Ophelia laughed as she went to wash her hands, checking her makeup in the mirror, "Jules, my sweet girl, you need to calm down. We will see them no matter how long it takes for me to use the bathroom."

Juliet rolled her eyes, holding back a smile, "Well, I wanna get there faster. Walker— I mean, everyone, is right outside of baggage claim. Let's hustle!" Ophelia caught her sister's slip up, but refused to mention it as she followed her through the airport. Juliet couldn't contain her excitement, even if she saw her friends not long ago, she'd forgotten how much they'd improved her days.

         The first person she'd spotted was Leah, who was talking with Dior. Juliet found herself speeding up, almost wishing she could speed up time to the exact moment she would hug them all. "Guys!" Juliet shouted once she was close enough, causing the whole group to turn around. Dior was the first to shout her name, causing Walker to turn around with a smile.

         And Juliet could swear her heart stopped when she saw him, his smile wider than she'd ever seen it. His hair was a bit longer, and curlier, and he looked so much like a silly teenage boy she could've kissed him. She dropped her stuff once she got close enough, running to hug him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, on her tiptoes, "Walker, I missed you."

       Walker blushed at the close contact, wrapping his arms around her waist on instinct and rocking them back and forth. "I missed you more, my pretty girl," His voice was barely above a whisper, and he could swear he heard her giggle before she pulled away. Her arms stayed around his neck, "You know, you can't keep doing that." Walker tilted his head, "Doing what, Jules? Calling you pretty?"

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