xxxiv. did you mean it?

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"WALKER WILLIAM SCOBELL! GET OFF your sister! Now!" Walker's mom, Heather, yelled as Walker was on Leena's back, yelling an incoherent string of cuss words. Walker refused to listen, "You'resuchafuckingbitchLeenaIam—," Leena finally shook him before he, weakly, hit her in the head again. "Walker! I don't even know why you're mad at me! I got home and you started chasing me," Leena stood with her hands on her knees, out of breath as she watched Walker carefully get up from the floor. Walker threw her a dirty look as he crossed his arms.

He rolled his eyes, his voice filled with anger, "You sent her my letter. You did it. I know you did. You're so evil, Leens! That's just an invasion of my privacy! Do you know how long ago I wrote that? It was like— it was— that doesn't matter! I don't even know if I feel that way anymore, Leena. She's with Dylan. You know that." Heather looked between her two kids, shooting Tanner a look as he put his phone away after filming the interaction. Leena felt herself deflate, don't know if I feel that way anymore? She's fucked. Very, very fucked.

        Leena threw on her best poker face, attempting to defend herself, "I was trying to help, Walker! You've been so sad, your life without her has been so bland. You kissed and you practically dated— sorry mom, I know that's the last thing you'd wanna hear about your fifteen year old son, it was like a break up. She was like—," Walker ignored the way his heart broke at the thought, "Like what, Leena? What could Juliet Sterling have been?" Leena looked at her mom, "I don't wanna say it in front of mom, it's embarrassing for you."

        "Whatever the hell I just saw was more embarrassing, honestly," Heather began putting the last of the stuff she was attempting to clean before having to break up a fight. She looked at her son, "If you wrote Juliet a love letter, then you still feel the same way about her. Anyone who keeps something like that doesn't just change how they feel over night, Walk. Trust me, I know." Walker watched his mom walk away, and prayed he didn't feel the same. (He did, he always felt that way. He never stopped, in fact, he could swear his love for her increased tenfold every time he heard her name.)

        Leena looked at her brother, her voice barely above a whisper, "She's the love of your life, Walker. At least that's what she seems like." Walker simply stared at his sister, swallowing the lump in his throat. Of course, Juliet's the love of his life. It's Juliet. His best friend, the only girl he thinks of. He could've gone his whole life knowing she existed and he would be happy. He also could've gone his whole life with her not knowing he felt that way about her, honestly.

He looked down, "Even if she is, she doesn't feel the same way about me. She never did. If she did, she wouldn't have left me. You know that." Walker turned and walked out of the kitchen into his room, feeling like his whole world shattered again. Sure, the girl he loved knew he loved her, but she had a boyfriend. This whole situation was stupid.



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6:32 PM

poseidon's prettiest boy🩵
hi juliet

if you get a letter, please ignore it

it was leena who sent it

you were never meant to see any
of that

i'm so sorry

if you already read it im so sorry

i know you're with dylan i wrote
that months ago

im so so so sorry

aphrodite's prettiest child💟
did you mean it?

wrote this while watching eras
live streams why did she change

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