iv. anywhere without you

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JULIET SAT AT HER KEYBOARD, setting up her phone to pick a song she was going to learn. The girl had always been interested in music, begging her mom to put her in piano, singing, and guitar lessons in between small roles in movies. Soon, when she landed a break out role in a Nickelodeon show with her sister, she lost time for it.

        She was talented for a fourteen year old, that was for sure. She refused to believe anyone who told her so, convinced they were just saying that to say it. Deep down, she knew it was true. Given the opportunity, Juliet would write her own songs, record them, and release them.

        She scrolled through random songs in her playlist, figuring out what song she'd want to start learning, when she felt her mom sit down next her. Katherine Sterling was the most supportive mom anyone had ever seen, moving out to LA the minute Ophelia expressed interest in the industry. Although they split time between the east and west coast equally, Juliet knew her mom with do anything for her kids, even if it meant being away from their childhood home in New York. She was her daughters' biggest fan, no matter what decision they made with their own careers.

Juliet shot her mom a quick smile before attempting to narrow down her song decision, causing her mom to laugh, "Whatcha doing, dear?" The girl rested her head on her knee as she set her phone down for a moment, "I haven't had a lot of time to play something, and I wanted to learn a new song in a day on here and sing it successfully since Walker isn't around to hang out. Gotta do something without the boy!"

"He isn't your only friend," Katherine ran a hand through her daughter's hair, admiring the way it was naturally curly for the first time in a while. "You have other friends you could hang out with." Juliet shrugged, "Yeah, but he's the only one I like to be around for hours without wanting to explode. Plus, everyone's busy. I've texted them already." She was lying, she hadn't tried to hang out with anyone. She truly only wanted to see Walker.

"Mhm, and that's not his hoodie," Katherine patted her daughter on the shoulder as she got up. "You've been meaning to learn Slut!, maybe you should. And it would be even better if you'd posted it." Juliet nodded, "Okay, one, I love his hoodies. And two, thanks for the suggestion! Three; maybe."

Juliet watched her mom walk away before opening up the sheet music to Slut!, already being able to sing the song decently well. She played the keys a few times over, attempting to memorize them the best she could.

Music came easy to her, she could learn eight songs a day if she had the time. It put her in her own little world, being her outlet for any thing she was feeling. It always warmed her heart when her friends would call her, begging her to play them a song they liked. She'd take any opportunity to make her friends happy.

        She began to hum the lyrics as she learned the basic keys and everything, feeling herself get the hang of it as quickly as she always does. Juliet progressively got the hang of the song, feeling herself relax more and more.


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