xiii. "i'll kiss you again"

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"WALKER, I CAN'T SLEEP. ARE you awake?" Juliet ruffled the hair of the boy lying on her chest, whispering enough so her sister in the bed next to them wouldn't wake up. He had decided to sleep in her hotel room that night, since after they got back from watching the finale, he was clinging to her side anyway. Juliet felt Walker stir, and mumble a string of incoherent curses before she spoke again, "I wanna go and see if we can watch the stars somewhere, love. Get up."

Walker lifted his head slightly, "You are so lucky I like you." His voice was deep, and his curls were a mess as he looked over at the clock. "It's three in the morning, how long have you been up?" Juliet shrugged, "The whole time." Walker smiled at the girl in front of him before climbing out of the bed, throwing his extra hoodie at Juliet as he slipped his shoes on. Juliet smiled giddily as she put it on and slipped on her shoes as well.

Walker cleared his throat before he spoke, attempting to get rid of his morning (when it wasn't even morning) voice, "I think I saw that they had a roof top area that's always open. We could go there? If that'll tire you out." Juliet looked at him walk to the door and hold it open for her, "Yeah that's good— thank you— I'm sorry for waking you up by the way."

"Don't worry, pretty girl, it's fine," Walker shrugged before throwing an arm around her as they walked. Juliet blushed at the use of pretty girl before sneaking an arm around his waist as they walked in a peaceful silence. Truth be told, Juliet couldn't sleep because she felt awful for knowing she likes Walker and not telling him. She told him everything, and she knew if she didn't tell him, she'd eventually push him away.

       She didn't want to push Walker away, and she hoped that tonight she could subtly hint she liked him so a little bit of weight was lifted off her shoulders. Once they reached the elevator, Walker looked over at the brunette next to him, "What's the reason you couldn't sleep?" Juliet stiffened up slightly, causing Walker to flash her a concerned look. She looked up at him, "Just— things. My brains awake, so then I can't sleep, you know?"

"Yeah, I understand Jules, anything I can do?" Walker led them into the elevator once the doors opened, squeezing her gently to pull her closer. Juliet rested her head against him, closing her eyes as she shook her head no. The best he could do was kiss her, but he didn't feel the same way and he wouldn't do that, so she'd have to work to solve it herself.

        They fell into the casual silence until they finally sat down, sharing one of the poolside chairs. Juliet laid herself on top of Walker, their legs tangled together and her head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped both arms around her, "So, how'd you like the finale?"

        Juliet smiled, "The best small talk you have is about the finale? Of our show?" Walker laughed, the laugh Juliet loved so much, "I'm trying, okay? I feel like we talked so much while I was doing press that we exhausted every interesting topic in the world." Juliet began fidgeting with a bracelet on his arm that wrapped around her waist, "I guess that's true, we don't have much left to talk about."

        "Are you gonna actually tell me why you couldn't sleep?" Walker began playing with her hair with his free hand, looking up at the stars before quirking glancing at Juliet. She sighed, "It's complicated. I've tried talking about it for weeks now, but every time I come to the conclusion it won't end the way I want it to. If it ends poorly, what I've been talking about doing, I could lose a friend."

        Walker felt his heart rate speed up at her words, "What'd you want to do?" Juliet blushed, and she wasn't sure how to respond. Should she just tell him the truth? Tell him that he was all she could physically think about? She wanted to risk everything, because him not knowing was eating her alive. She liked— fuck it, she loved Walker Scobell. And not in the way she'd always told him, the best friend way. She loved him so much more than that, and the fact he didn't know was ruining her.

Juliet broke the silence by sitting up and looking at him, his hands linger at her hips, "I have something I have been meaning to tell you. And it's what's been keeping me up, because it's been a secret. I feel so bad for keeping this a secret from you, but I was scared of how you'd react." Walker began to rub his thumb up and down as a way of comforting her, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes soft as he listened to her. He nodded, as a way for her to continue.

"Okay— fuck, I am very scared," Juliet was sure she looked and sounded like an idiot. Looking at him, him doing what he was doing, and the lack of sleep was getting to her. If this didn't go well, she'd surly regret it in the morning. "I like you. A lot. Like, like-like you. I know you probably don't feel the same, and that's totally okay. But I had to tell you, because I don't keep anything from you. I've been keeping this from you for too long— okay. Where is your brain right now? You're just staring at me."

Walker had registered what she said, and before he could think about what he was doing; he lifted his hands from her hips, and tucked her hair behind her ears. He caught himself looking down at her lips, then back at her eyes again. His hands stayed at the sides of her face, and it was now more than ever that he really wanted to kiss her. He took in a breath, looking down at her lips again, "I like you, a lot, too, my pretty girl. I figured you'd known, considering everything."

His voice was barely above a whisper, and Juliet felt the butterfly's that were in her stomach go absolutely insane. Before Walker could acknowledge that this might be a stupid idea, he leaned forward, and kissed Juliet. It was soft, and it didn't last more than five seconds, but as he pulled away, Juliet found herself smiling. It took her a minute before it all caught up to her, "Did you just—,"

        "Yes, Jules, I kissed you. Keep up!" Walker attempted to disguise the way he felt like his life had just been completed by joking around, and he thanked whoever was up there when he saw Juliet laugh. She smiled at him, "I'm caught up. I like you, you like me, you kissed me. Is that a good summary?"

        "Only we would make our first kiss a complete joke," Walker smiled as he placed his hands back on her hips. Juliet scrunched her nose at the contact, "Who said that was my first kiss?" Walker shot her a look, before pulling her into a hug and kissing the crown of her head, "Shut up, or I'll kiss you again. And tell everyone about it."

        "Oh no! My greatest fear!"

okay fine they can kiss. 

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