xxxii. stupid idea

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favorite blondie leena
favorite adult  ophelia


3:15 PM

favorite blondie
i have the worst idea but also
the best that could get us
killed and murdered.

favorite adult

it's been weeks i missed you

what's your idea

favorite blondie
sorry school is so busy and when
im home im comforting walker
or yk doing my own thang😝

favorite adult
ur so cute ur just like walk

i miss him

spill your idea

favorite blondie


i was cleaning his room and he
just had  it on his desk

so i was thinking

what if

i just

sent it to her

favorite adult
i'd support this idea if she wasn't
still with dylan

they haven't hung out but like
hes still in the picture????

it's weird bro

it's a stupid idea

but i kinda like it

i'm sure her and dylan might break
up?? soon anyway

i don't fucking know plz

favorite blondie
but if i just send it

and she ends up reading it

and if she's still with dylan and
feels the same way he says on the
first page OF THE EIGHT PAGE
LETTER. then she'll break
up?? with him

right??? she wouldn't cheat or

she'd do the right thing

favorite adult
i hate that you're right because
i'm so scared for your safety when
he finds out

favorite blondie
he won't know

he's not smart enough

okay i'm gonna go get it because
he's still at school for sports

will be mailing it today and it
will be arriving asap

as soon as possible


LEENA HATED THE IDEA OF invading her brother's privacy like this, she hated breaking his trust. She cared more about her brother than most people knew, including Walker. So, as she rushed to package the letter and mail it before Walker got home in five minutes, she felt a pit in her stomach.

        Her first fear is that he'd know right away, who knows how long he's had this letter? He probably checked to make sure it was still in his junk drawer every day— although Leena hoped that wasn't the case. Her next is that if he found out, he'd obviously tell their parents. This risked a major punishment if Walker was upset enough, and just by the first page and a half she read to make sure it was about Juliet (no other reason), she might have to sleep with one eye open for the next five years.

        Most older sisters should find this all embarrassing, she should laugh in his face. Leena shouldn't be doing all this to help a silly teenage relationship in high school, she should be bullying him. Instead, every time he's around, she invites him to watch his favorite movies "just because maybe she wanted to figure out why he liked them so much." Leena let Walker be overly annoying as she got ready, stand at her door like an idiot as she sat on her phone, waiting for her to pay attention to him. She drove him everywhere, supported him in everything, and she'd always been that way. She loved both her brothers, but Walker would always be her little brother— as tall as he's gotten.

        It's not abnormal to care for your siblings, but she felt like she needed to do this for him. He'd never do it himself, and she cared too much to let a perfect thing Walker had slip away. She refused to tell him, but him and Juliet were meant to be. She knew it from the moment he came home during a break from work, and he gushed over "this new girl with beautiful hair and stupidly good humor." He talked about her like he'd known Juliet his whole life, like she was the only girl he saw, and sometimes it seemed like she was. There's— shockingly, to her, so many girls who are just as kind, almost as beautiful, just as funny, who have tried to ask Walker out. Every time, even now, he'd say no. When they'd ask why, he'd just smile and say there was someone better for them. In reality, his someone better was Juliet, and he didn't want to go around telling people that.

        Leena had walked back from putting the letter in the mail when Walker and their dad pulled up in front of the house, causing Leena to smile. She felt her heart practically beating out of her chest when Walker gave he a weird look, "What are you doing on a walk? You're usually taking a nap." Leena shrugged, "Just wanted to change it up, the weather is so warm. Wanna go inside and watch a movie?"

        Now, Walker knew his sister was the worst liar in the world. He noticed the way she played with the ends of her hair, and her smile didn't reach her eyes like it typically did. Instead of confronting this, he pushed it aside. She'd only lie to him if it benefitted a situation, he knew that. Even then, he didn't know for sure if she was lying. It was possible she was just going for a walk, and now she wanted to watch a movie with him. So, Walker nodded and then walked inside, saying hello to his dog and mom before heading up to his room.

        He glanced at the photos on his wall, half of it still covering in memories of Juliet. He felt his heart grow heavier, but he hoped that feeling wouldn't stay. Time would heal him, and maybe it'd bring them back together, just as friend. (Even if he feared he'd never find anyone better, and that was because he believed he wouldn't. No one was going to be his Juliet.) He placed his things down and slipped off his shoes, ignoring the way the atmosphere felt weird and his big sister was totally lying. Once he headed downstairs, he asked his sister to play a movie of her choice. Then, he forced himself to sit through all it. Even if he hated it, because Leena had done the same for her. Because he was her little brother, and it was fun to be annoying about how stupid a romcom was sometimes. Because he cared, that much.

healthy sibling relationships
mean a lot to me

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