v. Juliet's Perfect Guy boxes

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"LETS FAST FORWARD TO 300 take out coffees later!" Juliet was facing the back seat of Ophelia's car, singing to Walker who was in the back on the way back from a Scobell-Sterling family dinner. Walker pulled out his phone and filmed her as he sang along, "I see your profile and your smile on unsuspecting waiters— Ophelia sing it!"

        Ophelia laughed for a bit, "You search in every maiden's bed for something greater!" Juliet cheered as Walker put his phone away, a smile lingering on his face. "What am I gonna do without you here to sing with me?" Juliet frowned as she lowered the music, causing Walker to feel that slight ping in his heart whenever he looked at her recently.

       Walker tried to keep a smile on his face, "Call me all the time. I'll be in between home and press, but I'll always have time for you. I see Aryan and Leah too much anyway." He tried to play off the comment with a joke at the end, but he couldn't ignore the way his heart felt like it was splitting in two at the sight of her being so sad that he was leaving.

Juliet giggled slightly before ruffling Walker's hair, "Now that you say that, I don't think I'll ever leave you alone!" Walker scrunched, leaning back in his seat as a way to get away from her, "Get away from my curls, Leah just helped me with them today— and good. That's what I wanted. Freak."

Juliet turned around in her seat, staring at the calm outskirts of New York. She couldn't help but notice the way her stomach did somersaults whenever Walker looked at her, or the way she might just have died happily when he called her pretty earlier.

She had just walked into the restaurant, lingering behind her mom because it was a fancier place than the typical family dinners— usually at Juliet's house. Once she had reached the table, she caught a glimpse of the boy looking down at his phone. Walker had looked up from his phone at the sound of Katherine's voice, and Juliet could swear she saw him visibly melt at the sight of her.

        He had called her over to sit by him, like always, and the second she sat down all he whisper to her was, "You look so incredibly pretty, I mean it." And then she died.

          Juliet could die just thinking about it, right here in Ophelia's passenger seat on the way to the sleepover of the century: Walker and Juliet refuse to sleep because that means the day Walker leaves would come a lot quicker. But she didn't die, thankfully, and instead as they pulled up to her house she felt herself finally tune in to the conversation.

        Walker unbuckled his seatbelt and rushed to Juliet's door to open it, "There you go, prettiest girl— Phe, I mean it. You could so audition for Thalia or something. You're literally 18? You could pass, or something. I just wanna be on set with you, please." Ophelia laughed as she walked to the door, realizing her mom went the quick way home from dinner, "Walker, you have Juliet— who might I add, you'll be spending quite some time with while filming."

        Walker sighed as he stepped into the house after holding the door for the girls, "That's literally just so rude of you. You know I'll miss you." "I'll miss you too, but I'll be there whenever I'm not doing my own projects," Ophelia walked away from the conversation, presumably going to sit in her room, leaving Walker and Juliet standing in the doorway.

       "Movie night?" The two said at the same time before just smiling as they walked to Juliet's room. "I'm gonna change and get ready for bed, you do what you need to do and then choose a movie," Juliet walked into her bathroom. After successfully doing her skin care and changing into one of Walker's hoodies and his flannel pants, she walked out of the bathroom to see Walker paused on Tangled.

       He smiled at her as she walked out, the clothes obviously not hers, "I'm not gonna be left with clothes anymore." Juliet plopped down next to him, leaving on his shoulder, "You love it." Walker snaked an arm around her waist casually, "Maybe a little." He set his phone to the side as he clicked on the movie, linking his hands together to pull Juliet closer.

The simple action made Juliet feel like she was going to actually start crying, she was ready to burst into tears. He had always been touchy with her, she was his best friend. Best friends hugged all the time, it was normal. But recently, she couldn't help but notice the amount of times he'd try to be near her.

The way he'd always sit next to her when they were in a group, sneak an arm around her at any chance he got. His arm was always around her shoulder, he leaned his head in hers always— it never stopped. Juliet loved it, but it was getting really hard to convince herself that Walker was just her friend.

She'd always found him cute, that was a no brainer. He was an absolute gentleman, and there was no doubt that given the chance she would date him. But Juliet would say that about any guy that was remotely attractive and nice, there aren't that many guys like that.

Except, Walker checked about seven hundred of the Juliet's Perfect Guy boxes, and she was beginning to think that maybe the list grew longer because Walker was just her perfect guy.

Juliet had managed to push these feelings away for months, but he came back, and he had only gotten cuter. And he seemed to be much more flirty, and touchy, and it was beginning to make Juliet feel like she might explode.

And that's how she ended up here, unable to pay attention to the movie as Walker squeezed her so she'd be somehow closer than she was, praying she looked pretty while completely spaced out laying on his chest. Walker casually used one hand to draw shapes on her arm, humming along to the music.

Juliet felt her cheeks warm up at the gesture, this was new. It made her happy, until, "Did you just trace a dick on my arm, Walk?" Walker stifled a laugh, continuing what he was doing, "Jules, I don't know what you mean, seriously." Juliet rolled her eyes, "Such a liar, you know exactly what I mean."

She sat up slightly, causing Walker to frown, "Wait, I'll admit it— come back." Juliet stared at him, attempting to not audibly awe at the smile on his face. She smiled back, as she snaked an arm under him and laid almost completely on top of him, causing Walker to laugh as he continued doing what he was doing.

This was very normal and best friend like.

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