ix. L word with you

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JULIET, OPHELIA, AND KATHERINE WERE all at their weekly girls breakfast, and all Juliet could think about was what Walker was doing. Was he having fun? Was he tired from all the traveling? Is he okay?

"Jules, are you even listening?" Ophelia joked, nudging her little sister in the shoulder and sharing a knowing look with her mother. Juliet shook her head, "Yeah— just have a lot on my mind." Ophelia chuckled quietly, mumbling under her breath, "She just misses her boyfriend."

Katherine laughed as Juliet shot the both of them a pointed look, "Ophelia Sterling, care to tell me who pretty angel face boy is on your phone? Hm?" Ophelia immediately shut up, looking forward as she ate her food. "You two need to stop," Katherine smiled at both her daughters, always loving when they joked with each other.

        Juliet shrugged, "She started it. Walker is not my boyfriend." Katherine looked at her youngest daughter, "But you like him, don't you?" Juliet stared at her mom, eyes wide. She never thought she made it noticeable, but she supposed she thought wrong.

She liked Walker a lot, maybe too much. It took awhile for her to get there, but the more she talked him, the more she liked him. Katherine nodded at her daughter's silence as Ophelia patted Juliet jokingly on the back, "I'm taking that one as a yes." Juliet felt her cheeks heat up and she looked down, messing with the food on her plate with a stupid smile on her face.

It was a few minutes later of Juliet listening to her family's conversation before she broke, "Okay, I really like him." Ophelia looked her sister, then her mom, "We're doing this now? Okay." Juliet took a deep breath, "How could I not like him? All he does is flirt with me, and I've been told so much by Dior and Leah that all he talks about is me,

       "Not to mention, he's actually gorgeous, like jaw dropping. It's so weird to call a guy gorgeous, but it's true. And, he's just so nice. He's perfect, and I don't just say that," Juliet refused to meet the eyes of her mom. Don't get her wrong, her mom was amazing. But when it came to boys, she'd never really told her mom anything. It was usually Ophelia, or her brother when he was around (even if she was so young that it was just small crushes, Anthony was always there to listen.)

Her mom just smiled at her when Juliet finally looked up, "He says the same about you." Juliet furrowed her brows, "What?" Ophelia looked at her sister, "Every time he sleeps over, without fail, he talks about you like you're the only girl he's ever met in his life. You might as well be, at this point. I think you take up all of his brain."

"This is about the fourth time I'm hearing this," Juliet's scarlet cheeks were evident, and she began feeling the need to run around and giggle for hours. The boy she likes might like her back. "So you're saying he could, I don't know, like me? At least a little?" Katherine laughed, "Juli, I think you are the light of his life. That's all I'll say."

"Mom," Juliet dragged the word out, rolling her eyes as she pushed her plate away slightly to signify she was done. "You know all. I must know all." Katherine simply shook her head and laughed, causing Juliet to look at her sister. "What do you know?" Juliet squinted her eyes, pointing a finger at Ophelia.

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