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"WHAT IF WE search the third quadrant by Mellow's Hill, that's where we found Marlene and her family-"

"We've already been through that area and there was no sign of her." Alastor Moody ground his teeth as he repeated himself, his hands gripping the sides of the table. The map that they were looking at had started blurring a while ago since they had been staring at it for so long.

James clenched his jaw as he paced up and down the room that the order had taken over within his parent's manor, the occupants of the room staring at him with looks akin to worry.

"James," Lily spoke up quietly, her voice slightly frail and her eyes dulling slowly, "perhaps it's time to think of the possibility that she could be dead-"

"No." James shook his head adamantly, his eyes bloodshot from the lack of sleep as he turned his head to her with a harsh glare. "No she's not. Not my Reese."

"Prongs it's been five months." Peter stared his friend down with hardened eyes, "It would be a miracle if she had survived this long, nonetheless if they had spared her this long-"

"-you do need to look at all of the possibilities Prongs-" Sirius started but quickly shut his mouth at the murderous look James Potter gave him.

"Are you guys crazy?" James hissed out loudly to the occupants in the room. No one could meet his eyes. "You guys want to give up on her? This is Clarisse we are talking about!"

Sirius looked down guiltily as Remus squeezed his hand.

"James, shouting at everyone isn't going to bring her back." Elliot stood from his seat with a frown on his face. "But I completely agree, we can't just give up."

"There's no way I'm giving up." Cosimo murmured from his seat as he studied the map carefully. "Not until I drop dead."

Carlo nodded along from his seat with a saddened look. "Dad and mum wouldn't want us to either."

Since Clarisse had been gone Claudio and Camilla Russo had fallen ill, and were getting worse as time went on - especially since Clarisse had been taken.

James sighed in relief at the support, his eyes trailing over his guilty friends. He sat down in the corner to gather himself quietly as he pulled out a small picture. He stared at the scrunched up picture in his hand nostalgically, the picture of the duo making snow angels on their first official date.
"Where are you Reese?"

"I have to go now Clari," Regulus whispered quickly, his head whipping around as he grabbed the tray he had brought with him, his ears picking up the familiar sound of footsteps. "I'll be back tomorrow, I promise."

Clarisse nodded tiredly from her spot on the ground, her ankle chained to the wall where a hook was. She had old stains of blood tainting her pale skin and healed scars dancing all over her body. Her clothes were ripped and her eyes were dull. "Thank you Reg."

As the boy left the girl couldn't help but be grateful for him. Although there wasn't much he could do, he still visited her in the cell almost everyday, brought her food and healed her. He wasn't able to help her escape, they both would be killed almost immediately on sight, and he couldn't tell James as he had been sworn to secrecy by the unbreakable vow. Not many people knew she was down in the cells, just Regulus, Bellatrix (her frequent torturer), Voldemort and Rabastan Lestrange (the death eater who guarded the cells).

She didn't really know anyone else down in the cells, and it didn't matter because almost every week new people would take over each cell. She wondered why she hadn't been killed yet.

Voldemort had only visited her three times throughout her stay. The first time he came he simply just stared at her as Bellatrix tortured her. The second time he came he tortured her. The third time he came he asked her if she knew where the hidden things where.

Since that visit Clarisse had been wondering what he meant. What hidden things? Why did he think she knew where they were? Where they important?

Over the last few months, or however long she had been there for, she had tried to pick up snippets of conversation that would give her clues and even tried to practise wandless magic.

Flashback, a month ago

"You ever figure out why they need her Bella?"

Clarisse instantly shut her eyes tight at the sound of Rabastan Lestrange, pretending to be asleep as Bellatrix Lestrange stared into the cell with snakelike eyes.

"Don't talk so loudly Rab!" Bellatrix hissed.

"She's asleep," Clarisse could almost hear him roll his eyes, "probably passed out from all the blood loss."

"Good." Bellatrix replied snarky. "And yes I did find out."

There was an awkward silence. If this was any other situation that what it was now, Clarisse might have laughed.

"Okay so are you going to tell me then or?" Rabastan trailed out.

"Our Lord suspects her of being the subject of the prophecy."

An eery silence took to the dungeons as Clarisse tried to regulate her breathing. What prophecy?

"You can't possibly believe a weak halfblood like her-"

"Are you questioning the Dark Lord?" Bellatrix's voice was sharp. There was an awkward mutter before Bellatrix carried on. "He's almost certain it's her, but he does have other suspicions."

"The other two girls?" Rabastan murmured with realisation. "He suspects them too?"

"Yes." Bellatrix answered.

End of flashback.

Since then Clarisse had been attempting to find out what the prophecy was, and if it really was her in it. She prayed it wasn't... but it wasn't looking good for her. One of the other girls that was suspected was killed, so it could only be Clarisse or the last girl.

"You're awake!" A bone-chilling cackle echoed down the dungeons as Clarisse snapped out of her thoughts and looked up at the crazy haired death eater with a tired look.

Clarisse didn't make a sound, instead her eyes just bore into the side of Bellatrix's skull as she pointed her wand at her. "Time for a little fun!"

A scream escaped Clarisse as she wriggled on the floor in pain, an evil laugh echoing throughout the cell as Bellatrix smirked down at her.

"This is going to be so fun!"

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