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hogsmeade weekend

"C'MON PRONGS, ITS THE FIRST HOGSMEADE WEEKEND AND YOU DIDN'T ASK OUT LILY?" Sirius asked with a surprised look painted on his face. "You really must be ill."

The four boys were wrapped up in beanies, woolly scarfs and furry coats as they walked down the path in the woods. It was the first Hogsmeade weekend and the four boys were going together as per usual.

"Well it's not like she would say yes." James pointed out as his eyes caught onto a familiar figure.

Clarisse Russo was walking with a couple of Slytherins and in the mix was a blonde Ravenclaw that he knew was her ex girlfriend. The mousy brown haired girl was avidly chatting to Regulus Black with big gestures, the raven haired boy had a small smile occupying his face as he nodded to her.

"That's never stopped you before." Sirius argued, his eyes widening slightly as the 6'3 werewolf shoved his arm around the smaller boy's shoulders.

"Leave him alone Padfoot." Remus' minty warm breath fanned over the Sirius face, making the boy shiver. "I'm sure he will go back to normal next week."

"Maybe he's just afraid of being rejected again." Peter offered up as he skipped beside the boys.

"I'm right here." James complained as he threw his arms out dramatically.

His commotion of loud complaining gained the attention of the girl in front of him. Clarisse turned around with a quirked eyebrow, the boy quickly quietening down when he noticed her gaze. He knew she didn't like loud noises.

Regulus Black watched the exchange with a tiny smirk, before turning the girl back around and advancing quickly to catch up with the group before they noticed. He liked how Potter made his friend happy, she was usually quite lonely and secluded.

"I'm just saying, it's a little odd that he didn't ask you." Mary McDonald pointed out as she walked next to the red head and the blonde girl.

Marlene shivered lightly, leaning into Lily's shoulders. "Yeah it's weird."

"It's nice!" Lily exclaimed, her freckles exaggerated by the growing red hue on her face from the cold. "I like being able to have dinner without a bouquet of roses being stuffed into my face."

"I always found his advances quite romantic." Mary sighed lightly. She wished someone would pursue her like James did with Lily, or even like her as much as the boy did with her friend.

"Well let's hope he starts having a change of heart and starts serenading you." Lily muttered.

"Hey Antlers!"

"AH!" James jumped up clutching his chest as the book he was holding clattered to the floor. He turned to see a brown haired girl smiling cheekily as she picked up his book, handing it to him. "Don't do that Reese!"

Her coffee brown eyes surveyed the boy quickly. "Why are you in the library? You don't go to the library."

James clicked his tongue as he hid the book behind his back. "You inspired me."

Clarisse gave him a weird look. "To go to the library?"

James blushed lightly. "Well yeah, you really like to read so I decided to see what the fuss is about."

The girl raised her eyebrows. "Did you find anything you like?" Her brown eyes followed his arms to see a hidden book.

"No!" James said quickly with wide eyes.

Clarisse let the subject go thinking that maybe he was embarrassed of his book choice. It could be an 'adult' book that he was afraid to share. "Okay. Want to go to the Three Broomsticks with me?"

"Yeah!" He said a little too enthusiastically. "Just give me a moment to buy this book."

Ten minutes later the duo were sat in a secluded booth with two butterbeers sat in front of them.

"-and I'm just having a lot of trouble with it."

"It sounds like you need a tutor, Reese." James murmured as he sipped on his drink. "What subject is it?"


James perked up. "I'm great at Transfiguration!"

"That's for boasting." She grumbled.

James snorted and laughed. "No I mean I could tutor you if you like." He offered with a shrug, slightly afraid of the pending rejection he thought he would face.

Her olive skin lit up as her eye widened. "You'd do that for me?"

"Of course." James said softly as he reached over and played with her hands. He noticed the green nail polish and quickly realised that he quite liked the colour green. "That's what friends do right?"

The light in her eyes slightly dulled before she smiled tightly. "Yeah I guess so."

"So when are you free?" The boy seemed excited to sort out dates as he stared at her eagerly.


"Brilliant, I'll see you after lunch in the library every Tuesday."

"Don't sound too excited." Clarisse joked with a secret smile. "I know I'm amazing-"

"He said he would meet us here at 2!"

The duo looked over at the loud exclamation to see Sirius Black throwing his hands up at the table he was sitting at. Remus Lupin was opposite him with an amused smile, whilst Peter Pettigrew sat beside them with a bored look.

"He's probably late. He said he was buying Mia a present."

James smiled at the nickname for his mother. She always treated his friends as if they were her own.

"What if he got lost?!"

"I think that's my cue." James sighed making the girl opposite him giggle. "Sorry for ditching you."

"It's fine, you had plans with them first." Clarisse mentioned as he stood up. She grabbed her coat and he helped her put it on. "I'll see you Tuesday!"

The girl snuck out of the booth not really in the mood for Sirius' dramatics, knowing that if he saw her with his best friend he would interrogate her. James walked over to his friends, sending a small smile to her before she left.

"Hey guys."

"Prongs!" Sirius gasped dramatically, jumping on the boy. "You know I have separation anxiety! Where have you been?"

"Sorry, I couldn't seem to find the perfect present for my mum." James lied through his teeth.

"Then what's that?" Peter asked curiously, poking at the bag in his hands.

"Not for my mum."

"For Lily?" Remus asked with a knowing look.

"Sure." James shrugged, lying again.

"So do you want a butterbeer?"

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