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the order

THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX HAD BEEN MENTIONED TO THE GROUP OF FRIENDS QUITE A FEW TIMES WHILST THEY WERE IN HOGWARTS. This slow introduction to the rebellion group enticed questions and curiosity, which was exactly what Albus Dumbledore wanted.

Inviting newly graduated students with no prior experience to a war or fighting in a war was advised against by Alastor Moody, an Auror within the cause. He supplied Dumbledore with a different solution - recruiting more trained adults such as his co-workers.

He was ignored of course.

Something about the younger generation showed promising hope to Albus Dumbledore, mostly due to his influence and ability to groom the children into what he wanted for them. This was exactly why he wanted to become the Headmaster of the best Wizarding school, to be able to influence the new generations. Arguably, the position held more power over ideologies than the ministry of magic. Dumbledore was able to manipulate students of his choosing to become pawns in his game.

But Clarisse Russo was not fooled by Albus Dumbledore and she didn't trust him enough to ever fully follow through with his ideas and propositions.

So when the first Order meeting was called in late August, Clarisse was very reluctant to go. She only went because James insisted... he was always a little naive about these things.

Remus and Sirius swung round Godric's Hollow that sunny morning for a morning tea and breakfast, then the two young couples ventured to the floo and arrived at Dumbledore's office.

Due to the impulsivity of The Order Meetings, Dumbledore hadn't actually secured a headquarters for the order to meet, so his office was next the next thing. As they floo'd in, Clarisse recognised a bunch of familiar faces, smiling at a few and giving a couple of hugs.

It was mostly just the Gryffindor bunch, two ex-Hufflepuffs, and a few spotted middle-aged adults that she admittedly didn't recognise.

"I'm glad that everyone has arrived." Dumbledore clapped his hands together, demanding attention with his widened stance.
"Let's get down to business."

Chairs appeared opposite Dumbledore's desk, making his seat resemble a throne. Everyone scrambled to sit down, Clarisse stealing a seat in between James and Remus.

"So, as you can see we have a few new recruits," Dumbledore lazily waved his hands over to the freshly graduated students, an annoyed scowl forming on a man standing behind them with a peculiar glass eye. "Please introduce yourselves."

After the introductions, the man in the back twitched forwards a little. "Albus, why are there children here?"

James and Sirius made a noise of protest but one stern look from Clarisse made the two shut their mouths and lean back into their seats.

"They aren't children Alastor, these recruits are now adults-"

"They have just finished their education and you've recruited them for a war? What's wrong with you?!" A woman stepped up with a fierce glare next to the man.

Clarisse watched on amused, completely agreeing with the two.

"They are legally adults and all came willingly."

Clarisse raised her hand. "I didn't!" She piped up before thrusting her thumb at the boy next to her. "James made me come."


"It's a mistake bringing children into this, Albus. They aren't even trained!" The woman exclaimed with a big gesture of her arms.

"They will be entering their Auror training in September, and Clarisse will be in her healing apprenticeship. They will be trained."

"How does he know that?" Clarisse mumbled with furrowed eyebrows before turning around to the group of children her age. "Wait you're all becoming Aurors?"

Firm nods confirmed her question.

"Why's everyone becoming an Auror?"

"Because of his manipulation!" The woman shouted throwing a pointed and accusatory finger at Dumbledore who merely leaned back into his chair with glinting eyes.

"Who is she?" Clarisse asked Sirius who shrugged lightly.

"Mrs Moody, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down." Dumbledore waved his hand and a chair pulled up behind the woman. He gestured for her to sit on it.

Alastor, her husband with the glass eye, crossed his arms over his chest with a spiteful glare. "You'll regret doing this."

The others raised their eyebrows at his forceful tone as he directed his glare to Dumbledore, but Clarisse noticed that he didn't seem to be talking to him.

He was addressing the children.

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