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the 27th

"HEY REMUS." Clarisse smiled at the boy who was nervously pulling at the edges of his jumpers as he waited outside on her porch door.

The boy had offered to pick Clarisse up, explaining that it would be easier to take her to the Potter mansion by guiding her the muggle way. Their floo had recently broken down so they were unable to gather guests through the fireplace.

"Hi Clari, you ready to go?" He asked gently as he smiled lopsided looking like a puppy.

She nodded as she pulled her tote bag up onto her shoulders, the bag filled with various presents. "Yep, let me just say goodbye."

The brown haired girl turned back inside, her voice loudly calling out, "I'm going to James' house, bye!"

"Wait what-" Cosimo's voice was quickly cut off as Clarisse slammed the door and grabbed Remus' wrist, dragging him down past the gates of the Russo residence and out onto the muggle street.

Remus raised his eyebrows as they sprinted down the road, only slowing down when turning the corner. "Why the rush?"

Clarisse, who was breathing heavily, flushed a bright red. "Cosimo has been rather... protective since James announced that he was my boyfriend."

"Protective?" Remus curiously asked as they skipped to the bus stop.

"Cosimo thinks I'm still a little girl." Clarisse sighed lightly. "He was fine when Pandora and I dated because he had known her for a long time... but Antlers? He's just iffy I guess."

"You aren't dating James yet though?"

"But he thinks I am." Clarisse pointed out before turning to the boy with crossed arms as they finally got to the bus stop. "What do you mean, yet?"

Remus shrugged. "Didn't he come by your house and say he was practically in love with you?"

"I wouldn't say in love." The coffee eyed girl flushed, her eyes avoiding Remus'.

Remus scoffed. "Well you guys are practically dating in my eyes, all he needs to do is grow the balls to actually ask you out."

Clarisse shrugged, slightly agreeing with the boy before sending him a cheeky smile as the bus pulled up. "Perhaps I should ask him out instead of the reverse. Maybe it would shed a little time off of our impending relationship."

Remus laughed as they clambered onto the red muggle bus, sending the bus driver a smile as they paid. "You're very confident Miss Russo."

"Someone has to be."

"You must be Clarisse Russo! I've heard so much about you!" Clarisse was gathered into a pair of warm arms, smiling widely as James' mother embraced her.

Euphemia Potter was around 5'9 with brown hair, that had a few grey highlights, and bright brown eyes. When she smiled her cheeks wrinkled and familiar dimples appeared that reminded Clarisse of James.

"James' mum is a milf." Clarisse had whispered to Remus at first look, her eyes wide.

James groaned loudly from behind his mother, clad in a brown jumper and black jeans. "Mum! Stop embarrassing me!"

"It's your first girlfriend honey, this is what I was made to do!" Euphemia waved her son off as she invited the girl in, giving Remus a big bear hug at the door. "Remus! How is your mother?"

As Clarisse ventured into the house, she was surprised when a pair of strong arms constricted her into a sudden hug and she blushed lightly as she leaned into James' embrace. "Hey Antlers."

"Hey Reese." He muttered back softly into her hair, the smell of vanilla overtaking his senses. "How was your Christmas?"

"Eventful as you know." Clarisse pulled back with wiggling eyebrows, the boy sniggering before frowning as a raven haired boy threw himself onto his girl.



Sirius dramatically twirled around with her in his arms, the duo giggling loudly as he put her down onto the floor. "How have you been, darling?"

"Splendid! Et tu?"

Sirius snorted at her bad french accent. "Absolutely radiant, darling!"

James frowned deeper as he grabbed Clarisse's wrist and pulled her underneath his arm. "Stop stealing my girl, Pads."

Sirius rolled his eyes but there was a small secret smile painted on his face as the trio walked into the living room with Remus and Euphemia following behind. Sirius hated when James would constantly get rejected by the girl that he loved, so seeing James happy and loved was really nice.

"Fleamont, Clarisse Russo had arrived!" Euphemia said extravagantly making said girl blush red like a fire truck.

A rather tall man with spectacles and extremely messy dark brown hair turned with an inquisitive gaze. "What's that dear?"

"James' girlfriend has arrived Monty!" Euphemia repeated as she put her hands on the girl's shoulders with a beaming smile as if she could hardly believe that Clarisse existed.

"James wasn't lying?" Fleamont gasped jokingly, a smile breaking through when his son grumbled under his breath, cursing out his father.

"Greetings Clarisse!" Peter squeaked from the table where a chess board was set up, opposite the boy was an empty chair. "Want to play a game of muggle chess?"

"Sure!" Clarisse smiled brightly, gravitating towards the empty chair as she sat down opposite the smaller boy.

"I got this board for Christmas." Peter rambled excitedly. "It's magnetic and all of the pieces are too! And it folds in half and you can place all of the pieces inside!"

"That's so cool!"


"Rats!" Clarisse poked her tongue out and scowled once Peter triumphantly laughed, winning the game.

Sirius burst into laughter at her exclamation as he sent a strange look towards the smaller boy who smiled in recognition.

"I hate chess!" A spout of accidental magic made the chessboard go flying and hit the laughing Sirius Black in the head making the boy yelp loudly. "Sorry Sirius!"

Sirius grumbled and scowled, rubbing his head with a sour look as he leaned into Remus' arms which were wide open and inviting. "Moony, heal me!"

Remus chuckled lowly as he hugged the boy, his hand brushing through the boy's hair gently.

Clarisse raised her eyebrows subtly at James who smirked back. They had been avid fans of Remus and Sirius together and hoped that they would possibly one day stop the flirting and just snog each other's faces off.

"Sorry Peter." Clarisse summoned the chessboard back to her hands wordlessly and wandlessly, catching it midair as she handed it to the boy.

"It's alright, no scratches." Peter inspected as he started to pack up the pieces. "If you come by the Gryffindor common room sometime I can teach you how to destroy people at chess."

Clarisse smiled at the boy who nonchalantly shrugged. "That sounds nice, I'll be sure to do that."

"Dinner is served!"

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