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on the ice

"ICE SKATING IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE WORST IDEAS FOR A FIRST DATE." Clarisse pointed out as she began to struggle to pull on the white skating boots, sticking her tongue out in concentration.

"You're the one who chose the activity!" James threw his arms up playfully as he watched her struggle with an amused smirk.

"That's because I love ice skating!" Clarisse said before frowning. "But I'm not very good at it."

James laughed brightly before pulling her foot onto his lap as he began to lace up her shoes for her, his hands delicate and quick. Clarisse watched mesmerised as the boy casually finished tying her laces with ease.

"How did you do that?" Clarisse gasped dramatically as he helped her stand, the smaller girl leaning into the boy with unsure balance. "These boots are impossible to tie!"

"Can't be impossible if I did it, love."

The couple awkwardly stomped over towards the opening of the ice rink, nervously exchanging glances as the both stepped foot on the slippery slopes. Clarisse immediately abandoned James, clinging onto the wall for dear life as the boy effortlessly skated forwards. 

"Antlers, I think you forgot to struggle." Clarisse called out to the boy as she awkwardly pushed herself along the wall, staring jealously as the boy skating past her with a big smirk.

"Did I forget to mention that Padfoot and I used to play ice hockey for fun every winter?"

Clarisse groaned loudly with glaring eyes. "Of course you did, annoying little fucker."

James laughed loudly before holding out his hand to the girl with sparklingly eyes. "Take my hand."

Clarisse narrowed her coffee brown eyes at the boy as she gripped onto the wall of the rink, surveying the boy's face. "You promise not to abandon me?"

James nodded curtly, his hand not wavering. Clarisse cautiously grabbed his hand and allowed him to guide her away from the wall, slowly skating with the girl hand in hand. They began to pick up pace and Clarisse squeezed James' hand tighter as he led with his strong arms.

"Want to spin?" James asked as he turned to her, her eyes widening.


Without warning, the boy twirled the girl, his left arm keeping her close to his body as they swayed through the rink, ignoring the glares that they got from other skaters. As Clarisse spun, James matched the spin, gathering her into his arms with a smile.

However the girl had to ruin the perfect moment.

"I feel so sick."

"I've told you so many times Reese, you need to wrap up!" James reiterated as he wrapped his coat around the girl, cooing as she cutely sipped on the hot chocolate in her hands.

"I'm literally wearing five layers under my top!" Clarisse complained as she shivered, James beginning to undo her ice skating boots. "I'm just a naturally cold person."

James shook his head as he smiled, slipping her boots off with ease. He watched the girl as she sipped the hot beverage, her eyes wondering around to the scenery outside. The brown haired boy picked up a bit of whipped cream on his index finger and lightly swiped her nose with it, a beaming smile brightening his dimpled face.

"Hey!" She scowled, slamming her hot chocolate onto the table as she threw a marshmallow at him. The small white fluffy cloud merely bounced off of his forehead leaving the boy to chuckle.

The two friends left the ice skating rink with glittering smiles, James pulling the smaller girl towards a small park across the road. He had apparated the both of them to Italy and it had started to snow in the particular part they were in.

"I love the snow." Clarisse gaped into the sky as the snow sprinkled down onto her, her eyes following the soft white substance as it landed in James' hair.


James grinned mischievously as the girl span around to the boy, wiping off the snow thay landed on her face from the snowball he had just hurtled at her.

"FUCKING HELL JAMES!" Clarisse cursed loudly as she whipped out her hand, creating a magical snowball and launching it right at his lower half.

The snowball smashed with immense force into his genitals making James fall down with a scrunched up face as he clutched his crotch. "Clarisse you devil!"

The girl giggled as the snow began to rain down harder, snow starting to cover the boy. "Let's make snow angels!"

Toppling over next to the boy, the girl stretched out and started to move her arms and legs up and down, James doing the same next to her. The duo scrambled up to see their masterpieces, grinning when they noticed that the snow angels looked like they were holding hands.

Clarisse's mouth curled into a smile as she leaned into the boy, snow covering their outfits and slowly melting creating sopping wet clothes.

"Perhaps we should apparate back?" James suggested as he grasped her hand as he drew his lower lip between his teeth.

She nodded adamantly before pausing, tilting her head at the slowly fading snow angels. "I wish we could savour this moment forever."

James bit his lip, looking perplexed, before he whipped out his wand and muttered a spell underneath his breath. He didn't have to attempt to be subtle with his wand as they had specifically chosen a wizarding location within Italy so that they could use magic and not get imprisoned for exposing it to muggles.

A small Polaroid camera appeared in his hands and he quickly lifted it upwards, staring through the view as he clicked the photo of the snow angels. James turned the camera around, his arm snaking around Clarisse's waist as he stuck his tongue out onto her cheek making her scowl, the photo snapping.

"Now we won't forget it."

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