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the introduction

AFTER BEING DRAGGED ACROSS THE COMMON ROOM, THE DUO FINALLY STUMBLED UPON THREE PEOPLE SITTING CASUALLY ON A SOFA, CHATTING. A familiar ginger girl, an almond haired coloured boy and a blonde boy who was manning the music speakers.

"Guys look at the leather jacket that Clarisse bought me!" He twirled around extravagantly spinning the mousy haired girl with him. "I love your dress by the way!"

"Who's Clarisse?" Peter mumbled exchanging a confused look with the taller boy.

"Thanks!" She giggled, smiling softly as a panting James ran up to them.

"You can't just steal away my Reese!" James complained loudly as he grabbed the girl and shoved her under his arms. "She was my friend first!"

"She isn't a possession, Potter." A drawl came from behind the group making the Gryffindors immediately begin to glare.

"Oh hello Severus." Clarisse smiled politely. The boy had helped her in potions once (reluctantly) and ever since they had been sort of friends. Mostly their friendship began when Regulus introduced him as a friend meaning that Clarisse should probably get along with him.

She found that the boys were awfully protective of her, especially when people made fun of her.

"Where are your shoes Clari?" Severus asked confusedly as he stared at her fluffy socks.

Clarisse shrugged. "Stolen by nargles I suppose."

"Or by your disgusting dorm mates." Severus growled slightly, his dark eyes darting towards where a group of girls were stood giggling in the corner.

"Why is Snivellous at my party?!" Sirius complained loudly, yelping at the smack that landed on his shoulders.

"His name is Severus." Clarisse corrected before turning to the boy but finding he had already started advancing menacingly towards the girl group. The brown haired girl sighed before turning back to the group and leaning into James' arms. James looked indifferent but if you stared up close to his eyes you would notice a twinkle of jealousy.

Clarisse noticed the ginger girl watching the boy walk off with a dazed look. "Hi Lily!"

"Oh hey Clarisse." Lily murmured with a tight smile, pushing her ginger hair behind her ears.

"You know Lily?" James asked confusedly.

"Of course I know Lily." She gave him a weird look. "She's all you talk about-"

James slapped a hand over the girls mouth with a flushed face. "I meant personally! You sound familiar with her."

"Wait why are you friends with Sniv- OW! - Severus?" He corrected after the slap.

Clarisse shrugged. "He's friends with Reg and we are in the same house so we sometimes read together in the early morning-"

"YOU'RE A SLYTHERIN?!" Sirius screeched dramatically.

"Oh my god." Remus Lupin said under his breath with a tired look on his face. He quickly shoved the raven haired boy onto the sofa next to him as he smiled to the girl. "I'm Remus."

"Oh I know. James talks a lot about you guys too." Clarisse piped up with a smile. "You must be Peter then, the baker."

"The baker?" Peter asked confusedly as he leaned forwards.

"James said you're good at baking, said your cookies were to die for!"

Peter had an unusually big smile gracing his face as his cheeks blushed a bright red that was visible even in the dark lighting. "That's sweet Prongs."

James pouted slightly. "Stop embarrassing me Reese, they're supposed to get tough love!"

Clarisse snickered a little from under his arms. "Don't be dramatic Antlers."

This made the dazed Sirius snort loudly as he looked up. "Antlers?"

"Prongs are Antlers... are they not?"

"Yes they are." James stared down at the girl with a soft smile as he ruffled her hair. "But it's such a bad nickname."

"You call me Reese! My name is Clarisse! It makes no sense." The girl complained as he sat them both down on the opposite sofa. "It's like calling Peter - panini!"

Peter shrugged lightly. "I wouldn't be opposed to that. Wormtail makes me sound so pathetic."

"I actually quite like it." Clarisse smiled lightly. "It has a ring to it."

"I'm going to go." Lily said abruptly as she watched Severus storm away from the girls with a pair of black docs towards the group on the sofa.

The ginger quickly ran away as the greasy haired boy handed the shoes over to the girl. "They're going to return the rest of your shoes by tomorrow morning. If they don't, tell me."

Clarisse nodded lightly as she pulled the shoes on, James helping tie one side up. "Thanks Sev."

The boy shrugged before sending Sirius black a glare that rivalled his own, and then walking off to join Regulus by the drinks table.

"He's a bucket of joy isn't he!"

"He's nice when you're nice." Clarisse shrugged as James tied her other shoe, her legs resting on his as he poked his tongue out. "You just have to crack his hard shell."

"How did you crack it?" Remus asked as he tilted his head.

"I accidentally blew up a potion in his face then begged him to help me." She shrugged making the almond haired boy silently laugh.

"Done." James' chipper tone sounded as he finished tying her laces, not making any move to push her legs off of him.

Remus raised an eyebrow and shared a look with Peter. "So how did you two meet?"

"Oh I know this one!" Sirius jumped up and down on the sofa, excited. "James tutors her! And they are friends - 'good, good friends.'" He mocked in a deep voice attempting to sound like James.

"I don't sound like that!"

"But how did you guys meet?" Remus pushed slightly. "Did McGonagall assign you to tutor her? I didn't know that you were a tutor."

James shrugged. "I'm not, I did it out of the kindness of my heart."

Clarisse rolled her eyes as she smacked the boy. "I met him in sixth year."

Remus raised his eyebrows with a gesture. "And? How?"

"He was crying over Lily rejecting him-"

"I wasn't crying!"

"-And I snuck up on him and asked if he was okay." Clarisse shrugged. "That's really it."

"She's been helping me take a calmer approach to Lily." James offered making Clarisse quirk a smile. "Those flowers that Lily didn't chuck out? Those were daisies that Reese had suggested."

"Don't give me all of the credit. You bought them." Clarisse joked before shrugging. "I guess I am a good Samaritan."

James rolled his eyes and tickled the girl slightly. "Shut up."

Clarisse smiled light at the boy, getting lost in his eyes as his lips slowly turned upwards.

"Are you seeing this?" Sirius whispered to Remus who nodded with a small smirk. "This is so awkward."

"I think it's cute." Peter whispered before loudly clearing his throat.

The duo blinked and quickly turned their heads back to the trio with flushed cheeks. Clarisse coughed awkwardly before sliding her legs off of the boy and standing up. "Would anyone like a drink?"

"Me!" Sirius jumped up. "I'll come with you bestie."

"She's not your bestie!"

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