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(her dress)

(her dress)

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the party

"YOU SHOULD WEAR THE DRESS THAT COSIMO BOUGHT YOU." Regulus mentioned. "It looks beautiful."

Clarisse's eyes lit up at the mention of the dress her oldest brother bought her. It was a beautiful green satin dress that Cosimo had bought his sister for Christmas, claiming that he chose the colour based on her house and not because she liked it. He loved to prance around and gloat that his brother and sister 'followed in his footsteps' and were Slytherins too.

"Very simple but pretty. Good choice Reg." Clarisse approved as she sauntered to the bathroom to change into it leaving the raven haired boy to collapse onto her bed.

"You better not wrinkle that suit Regulus!" A shout sounded from the bathroom making the boy shoot up from the bed, dusting off his black tie suit attire.

"I won't!" Regulus called back, smiling lightly when she walked in with the dress on. "You look very pretty."

"Thank you." She twirled around with a giggle. "Can you help me with my lower lid eyeliner? Your eyes look amazing!"

Regulus blushed lightly. "Sure."

The duo turned up to the portrait outside of the common room and smiled at the lady. "Horntail."

She begrudgingly opened to the two Slytherins, granting them access to the room. The duo climbed past the painting and surveyed the room, one with curiosity and the other with calculative eyes.

Clarisse winced slightly at the loud music, her hand finding Regulus' comforting one as they walked through the dancing crowd to the drinks table. "What are you feeling like drinking?"

Regulus shrugged as he looked at the options. "Maybe something muggle. I'm not a fan of firewhiskey."

"Well this is vodka and this is-"

"CLARISSE!" A body hurled at the girl at full speed, which would've sent her flying if not for the boy next to her who held her upright. "You came!"

Clarisse looked down to see a loopy looking James Potter wrapped tightly around her waist with a tilted puppy-like smile. "Yeah I said I would."

"I know you don't like loud noises so I thought you wouldn't come." He justified as he stumbled upwards, leaning onto the girl for support.

"It is really loud." Clarisse winced slightly as she waved to Regulus who started to shuffle away to give the duo some privacy. "Are you drunk James?"

He shook his head adamantly. "Just a little tipsy, Padfoot got me to do vodka shots with him. I don't even know what vodka is!"

"It's a muggle alcohol." The brown haired girl pointed at the bottle as the messy haired boy shoved an arm around her shoulders, leaning into her.

"You smell nice."

"You are drunk." She stated as she shoved him off, grabbing his face and inspecting his eyes closely.

His usually bright hazel eyes were darker and less focused, but a twinkle shone in them. They trailed down to her hand, inspecting her nail polish.

"Purple? Why purple, Reese?" James asked curiously, his voice slightly slurring the words.

"I don't know, I was just feeling purple." Clarisse shrugged before raising her eyebrows. "I think it's the same shade as that jumper you got for your last birthday from your mum."

James tilted his head as he gently lifted her hand, inspecting it. "Yeah it is." He said, puffing out his chest as he stared down at the smaller girl.

They stared at each other for a while, hazel meeting coffee brown.


A body hurled at the duo, disconnecting their grip as the raven haired boy jumped onto James' back. "Prongs, Wormtail took over the music and he has started playing love songs! It's a travesty!"

Clarisse giggled slightly making sharp grey eyes snap to her figure. "Who are you?"

"This is Clarisse Russo." James introduced as Sirius clambered down with curious eyes. "I tutor her."

Clarisse pursed her lips slightly.

"We're friends." James added quickly, seeing her deflate slightly. "Good, good friends."

Sirius Black looked between the two awkward friends with inquisitive eyes. "Friends huh?"

"Happy birthday." Clarisse nodded awkwardly before her eyes lit up. "I forgot! I brought you a little something."

Sirius raised his eyebrows as she rummaged through her pockets pulling out a small package.

"Engorgio." She whispered and the present grew. It was wrapped in a dark blue print with a golden ribbon tied around it, finished with a bow. "It's not much but I thought you would like it."

She handed the gift to the boy and he started to rip it open, his eyes lighting up slightly with excitement as a pristine black leather jacket came into view. "Woah!"

"James told me a bit about you." Clarisse mentioned as he shoved the jacket on with a big smile. "And Regulus helped pick it out."

Sirius' head snapped towards the girl at the mention of his brother. Since he had left that summer the younger boy hadn't spoke a word to him.

"I guess it's sort of from both of us." The mysterious girl waved to the crowd where a darker haired boy stood ominously watching the exchange, before flushing at the attention and turning away.

"Thank you." Sirius said sincerely, gripping onto the jacket as he spun around, his heart growing at the thought of his brother helping pick it out. "How do I look?"

"Like a rockstar." James complimented as he gave a dazzling smile to the girl who was watching with an absent look.

"You're my new best friend!" Sirius quickly claimed, grabbing the wrist of the girl making her eyes widen. "I need to introduce you to Wormy and Moony!"

With that, the raven haired boy zoomed off with the girl in tow leaving James to watch them with a dumbfounded look.



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