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christmas eve bonanza

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Clarisse whisper shouted, her eyebrows furrowing with anger as she closed the door behind her on a latch. "You shouldn't be here, it's Christmas Eve."

"I know." James winced, his eyes trailing to her house.

"How do you even know where I live?"

"I asked Pandora." James mentioned before swerving to the girl with wide puppy-dog eyes. "I need to apologise."

Clarisse rubbed her face tiredly.

"You look gorgeous by the way-"

"Get on with it." Clarisse interrupted before she tilted her head. "Why are you wearing a suit?"

"I just came from a Yule party." James answered honestly, his hand gently grabbing hers. She didn't pull away. "I'm so sorry Clarisse, I shouldn't have left but-"

She winced at the sound of her first name."Yeah you shouldn't have. It hurt, James. Was it not good enough for you or...?"

"No you don't understand, I didn't leave because it wasn't good - it was amazing! The best night of my life!" James exclaimed as he shook her hand like a crazed man.

Clarisse tilted her head. "So why did you leave?"

"I went to the kitchens to prepare you breakfast." He started with a red hue painted on his cheeks. "I burnt almost everything so I had to restart and grab Peter to help me but by the time I came upstairs to warn you that it would probably take a while..."

"I had already gone because I woke up and you weren't there." Clarisse finished, her eyes wide with guilt. "You cooked me breakfast?"

"Yeah." James rubbed the back of his neck, blushing madly. "I assumed you left because you hated it until I thought about it clearly on the train, but by the time I came to tell you about the miscommunication you had already left."

"That's so gross, we are like some cliche couple on the tv." Clarisse pursed her lips.

James tilted his head with a confused expression. "What's tv-"

"Never mind that." Clarisse waved him off as she stared at him. "So you didn't hate it?"

"No!" James said a bit too fast making the girl smile subconsciously as he ducked his head. "I didn't hate it Reese. I loved it- I liked it."

"Loved." She wiggled her eyebrows.

James rolled his eyes and ruffled her hair, messing up the curls she had procured. "Shut up."


"Claire what's taking you so long? Dinner is about to be served!" A blonde boy came rushing out of the door with wide eyes. "Avery sucks arse but his sister is alright- who are you?"

"James Potter, nice to meet you - uh-"

"Elliot Selwyn." The blonde boy shook his hand before staring at him. "Are you the one that left-"

"There was some miscommunication Elliot." Clarisse cut the boy off, her eyes darting over to James who looked mightily confused.

"Oh wait, you must be the Elliot that Reese talks about all the time, her brother right?" James' eyes lit up, making the blonde boy's face brighten.

"Yeah, not by blood though..." he trailed off before pulling the girl into a side hug. "I knew you cared about me Claire!"

"Ugh get off!"

"Wait why is Avery in your house?" James asked with a disgusted expression making Clarisse muffle a laugh.

"Cosimo is dating Megella Avery and she brought her younger brother Finlay to dinner." Elliot explained making the messy haired boy nod in understanding.

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