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mcgonagall's tea.

"Have a biscuit, Mister Potter." She carefully pushed the bowl towards the boy and quietly observed him as he happily chomped on a custard cream.

"Why am I here Professor?" James asked bluntly and confusedly. "I haven't been in any trouble recently."

"That's exactly why you are here, Mister Potter." She started, taking off her glasses. "It has come to my recent attention that you have been rather quiet these past couple of weeks and I'm merely concerned with what you could be cooking up."

James paused and put down the custard cream biscuit he held quite securely. "Cooking...up?"

McGonagall spared him a stern look. "I have had several inquiries from the other teachers about how you are behaving."

"I haven't gotten a detention recently." James stated confused.

"Exactly! Why?"

James Potter hesitantly froze before a sly smirk slid onto his face.
"Minnie are you insinuating that I should be pranking people?"

Professor McGonagall sighed.

"Alright, fess up!" Lily Evans smacked her hands onto the table in front of the four marauders, specifically James.

Sirius turned with a small smirk. "Is James annoying you with his proposals again? Oh thank god we all thought he was ill-"

"No he isn't!" Lily shrieked making a few Gryffindor's turn over to the red head with wide eyes.

Sirius gaped at the furious ginger whilst Remus bit his lip back from chuckling. Peter slowly slid under the table with a frightened look.

"I'm taking a calmer approach to our love, Lily." James said poetically stealing a glance at the Slytherin table where he could see Clarisse talking dreamily to Regulus Black.

"He just called her Lily!" Sirius shouted dramatically, clutching his heart.

Gasps were heard from the Gryffindor table and instantly everyone gathered around the popular messy haired boy.

"James are you okay? Do you need me to get you Madame Pomfrey?"

"Why aren't you calling her Lilyflower?"

"Guys I think he's been drugged."

From the other side of the hall Clarisse tilted her head at the crowded Gryffindor table, a small smile poking at her lips as she saw James practically drowning in people.

Regulus beside her simply watched her lips turn upwards before sighing and shoving her up and towards the Gryffindor table.

James could hardly get a word in as all of the red and gold cladded students around him argued about his health. Suddenly, he felt a small delicate hand carefully grab his wrist and guide him out of the crowd. James smiled subconsciously as Clarisse's brown silky hair came into view.

"Duck!" She whispered quickly as they both ducked under the Gryffindor table.

"Thank you for saving me."

"My pleasure!"

For a moment James stopped to just look at his friend. He watched as she looked around warily at the overloading crowd around them, her honey coloured eyes darting around for an exit. Her hand was still clutched onto his arm, but it slowly moved down to his hand as James clasped hers. His eyes wondered down to what colour she had painted her nails today.

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