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"REGULUS, IF YOU SHOOT ME ONE MORE TIME I'LL END YOU!" Cosimo Russo snarled as he held the paintball gun up in his hands, his target - Regulus Black.

Regulus smirked as he surveyed the boy's body, Cosimo littered with blue ball prints making the rest of the group giggle a little.

It was the middle of the Easter break and Regulus was staying over at the Russo Residence, having lied to his parents and said he was at Evan's. This was risky, but he risked it to be able to visit his surrogate family.

So it was on one sunny morning that Carlo and Elliot had the brilliant idea to play a muggle game of paintball, so they ventured out and bought the supplies before coercing everyone into playing. Each player was wrapped up in black protective gear, that had been double charmed by Claudio Russo, and was equipped with a gun and some balls. The aim - to kill as many people as possible. There were no sides to this war, only pain.

Regulus turned out to be an extremely well rounded player and an excellent strategist. His main target was Cosimo Russo, the eldest sibling and the easiest to target. This was simply because Carlo and Elliot had played this game before so they had experience, and Clarisse had already been taken out by her mum who was ruthless when it came to paintball.

"Admit defeat, Cosimo." Regulus jerked the gun into his face with a sinister smirk. Everyone else had been defeated, either by his hand or by others before him, and Cosimo was the only survivor left. "I've shot you over ten times now."

Cosimo begrudgingly faked his death, falling onto the ground with a thud. "I hate you."

Clarisse snickered as Regulus threw an arm around her, guiding them back into the house. Camilla quickly shrieked, throwing up a spell that did not allow them to enter the back door.

"Ma?!" Clarisse complained as she twirled around, soaked to the bone in multicoloured paint. There was even some in her hair.

"Hey you look like Malfoy." Regulus joked as he twirled a piece of white painted hair around his fingers with a teasing smile.

"That paint is not allowed in my house!" Camilla shook her head as she pointed at the hose outside. "Hose down before we enter."

The authority her mother held over the family quickly overpowered the children as they pattered over to the hose like little kids. Elliot quickly armed the hose, pointing it at the siblings with a mischievous smirk.

And then he soaked them.

It was late, around one am, when Clarisse finally migrated up to her bedroom, casting a muffling spell incase she decided to blast music. The day had been filled with laughter, activities and in the end they had a movie marathon. Exhausted from the day, the girl immediately collapsed on her bed once she entered, her arms spread out like a starfish.


Clarisse's head shot up at the sound of hissing. Then, a small bang. The girl quickly scrambled up off of the bed, her head slowly turning towards the window as she heard another bang. With determination, the girl stormed over and opened the window, her wand pointing out into the dark abyss.


A pebble flew into her forehead with huge amounts of momentum, knocking her momentarily to the floor. "Ow!"

"SHIT!" She heard a voice curse mysteriously from below before a few thuds were heard.

Suddenly, as the girl started to sit up as she rubbed her forehead, a body tumbled through the window into her room. The girl quickly shoved her wand out and nonverbally wrapped the intruder in ropes, her eyes frantic as she scrambled away.


The familiar voice had the girl sighing heavily in relief as she stood, anger suddenly overtaking her relief. "What the fuck James?!"

She was grateful that she had remembered to cast a muffling spell.

James wiggled around in his restraints with a guilt ridden face. "I'm so sorry Clarisse, I just wanted to see you and-"

The brown haired girl hauled him up by his ropes before shoving him onto her bed with immeasurable force, leaning over the boy with a threatening face. "You're such an idiot! What if my parents heard you?! What if-"

Her voice trailed off as she surveyed the quiet boy underneath her. He was blushing slightly as he failed to get out of his restraints, completely frozen underneath the curves of her body. He was squirming, his eyes wide and innocent.

And she loved it.

"Are you blushing? Do you like being all tied up and helpless?" She asked cheekily.

The boy protested, yet immediately quietened down as she trailed a finger across his face, letting it pause on his lips as she stroked them. It was at this point the girl began to realise the thing poking against her waist. Her eyes bore into his own with a look of fiery desire that made James bite his lip slightly.


"Y-yes Reese?"

She titled her head at his stuttering, finding it kind of cute. "Want me to take care of your little problem downstairs?"

"Please." He gasped out desperately as she reached downwards with a mischievous smirk, pulling him into a kiss as she got to work.

It was clear to say that James was most definitely a switch...

a/n: this is for story purposes ^^ I actually believe he's a hardcore sub 🤩😭

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