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IT WAS NOW APRIL AND THE EASTER HOLIDAYS WERE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. James would be going home with Sirius, of course, and Regulus made the executive decision to lie to his parents about his whereabouts and go home with Clarisse. Remus was off home and so was Peter, Barty and Evan.

The half term holiday started on the weekend, so James proceeded to spread the word throughout his friends that he was having a small get together on the Friday before the break.

"What's that?" Barty asked subconsciously as his eyes fluttered over the cream, confetti filled, letter that had just exploded all over Clarisse and Terry at the Slytherin table.

"To Miss Russo," Clarisse began to read unsurely as her eyes wandered over to the Gryffindor table, Terry fondly climbing up onto her shoulder for a better look, "we formally invite you to our marauders get together tonight in the ROR. Please feel free to bring friends of your choosing, preferably not just snakes, and don't be late. From the Marauders."

Barty raised his eyebrows at Evan who shrugged lightly, and Regulus merely plopped his head on his arms with a tired groan. Clarisse raised her eyes to the three boys.
"What do you say boys, want to accompany me?"

Regulus made a noise of complaint which was drowned out by Barty's excited hums. "Evan?"

Evan merely shrugged, smiling at Barty's excited figure. "If Barty and Reg go, then sure."

Clarisse smiled before her eyes wandered over to the Ravenclaw table. They did say to bring more than just Slytherins. The mousy brown haired girl swiftly stood up and skipped over to the blue themed table, Terry sitting content on her shoulder, a grin forming on her face as she bounced over to the platinum blonde girl smiling in her direction.

"Hey Pandora." Clarisse greeted sweetly as she sat down next to the girl. "Want to accompany me and the boys to an event tonight?"

Pandora Lestrange leaned into Xenophilius Lovegood with a dazed smile as Terry clambered off of Clarisse's arm onto the platinum blonde girl. "That sounds fun, what is the event?"

"Just a get together with a few Gryffindors." Clarisse explained vaguely, passing a smile over to Pandora's boyfriend. "You're welcome too Xenophilius."

"Thank you for the invite but tonight is meditation night." Xenophilius politely declined before turning to his girlfriend. "You should go though."

After settling that Clarisse and the Slytherins would pick up Pandora from the Ravenclaw tower, the girl accompanied by Terry wandered back to her table with a soft smile. "Pandora is coming."

The way the table visibly brightened made Clarisse smile nostalgically. The group hadn't hung out with Pandora in a long time.

Feeling a little lighter, the girl began to sip on her coffee with sparkling eyes. Today would be a good day.

"You came." A soft smile folded onto James Potter's face as he leant on the door frame for the ROR with a lopsided head. Clarisse couldn't help but notice how his arms flexed as he leaned on them.

"Obviously." Clarisse rolled her eyes before gently grabbing the boy's jaw and pressing their lips together with a hasty kiss, ignoring the mocking gagging in the background.

"We have kids here, Clari, underaged minors!" Evan emphasised as he side eyed the duo, waving towards Barty and Regulus who both frowned.

"Oh shut up, you're underaged too Evan!"

The group of Slytherins, and Pandora, walked into the room of requirement behind James with raised eyebrows, not expecting the layout that they were introduced with.

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