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are you in love with her or are you in love with the idea of being in love with her?

IT WAS SAFE TO SAY THAT PANDORA AND CLARISSE DATED for approximately 8 months before the girls broke it off, mainly because the Ravenclaw still couldn't keep her eyes off of Lovegood. Clarisse wasn't surprised, she predicted they wouldn't stay together and she wasn't upset about their end, she only craved their old memories. Of course, the girls stayed friends, now entering their seventh year.

Unfortunately Elliot and Carlo had graduated Hogwarts at the end of last year meaning Clarisse was utterly alone whenever Pandora left to subconsciously flirt with Lovegood.

"I've already told you Potter, I will never go out with you!" Clarisse watched with disinterest as the clearly angered red head stormed out of the Great Hall in great distress leaving behind a defeated James Potter sitting alone at the Gryffindor table.

"You are alone." Clarisse stated as she stalked up to his table, plopping herself down opposite the hazel eyed boy.

"The boys slept in." He offered as he buttered his toast sluggishly.

"I know you like the Lily girl but what you are doing is borderline harassing her." Clarisse commented as she sipped on her peppermint tea, her gaze fixated on the boy opposite her who choked on his dry toast.


"If a girl came up to you five times a day to pester you to go out with her how would you feel?"

James silenced as he pondered over her question.

"Some of your schemes are cute and sweet, but if you really want Lily Evans you need to take into account what she likes - which is definitely not serenading her in front of the whole school."

"That was one time." James protested as the Slytherin tutted.

"Do you really like Lily Evans?" Clarisse asked as she sipped her tea again, ignoring the sudden glares from the few Gryffindor's occupying the table.

"Of course I do, I'm in love with her!" He incredulously said making multiple people glance at the duo.

"Are you really in love with her or the idea of being with her?"

The next time the duo shared words was in Potions class where the two had been assigned to work together. James was currently trying to ignore Sirius' puppy dog eyes as he was stuck with Severus Snape whilst Remus and Peter worked side by side in harmony.

"Hello Reese." James greeted the girl who spared him a confused look.

"My name is Clarisse, I understand if you have already forgotten it but please remember it for next time."

James chuckled a little. "Reese is a nickname for you, Clarisse."

"Why, it doesn't correspond with my name whatsoever?" Clarisse argued as she chopped up a few dead worms.

"Clarisse, Riss, Reese." James justified making Clarisse snort.

"What do I call you?"

James shrugged. "My friends call me Prongs."

The girl didn't even ask about the questionable name before stating, "I'll call you Antlers then."

This caused quick the uproar in James Potter.
"Antlers? That is a poor deduction from you Reese I'm utterly disappointed and I feel quite disrespected but your awful name calling, honestly I should go and report you to Minnie and Dumblewhore right now-"

"You are so dramatic!" Clarisse giggled before waving the knife at her partner who froze. "Now start helping me before I cut off your only supply of clumpy cell children."

"Your descriptions are vividly imaginable-"

"Less talking, more stirring."

Lily Evans was pleasantly surprised that week when the brown haired boy barely bothered her at all, only the one simple note for a date that she politely declined.

"Do you think he is ill?" Remus asked curiously as the group of three stared at their friend who hadn't been acting like himself recently.

"Padfoot, check his temperature!" Peter ordered and the grey eyed boy complied, jumping over the Gryffindor table making plates smash onto the floor and food go flying. Others around them ignored their shenanigans.

"What are you doing?" James smacked his best mates hand away from his forehead.

"You haven't asked out Lily since Monday. IT IS THURSDAY PRONGS!" Sirius whisper shouted making Remus and Peter nod in agreement.

"So?" James muttered.

"So?! You must be incredibly ill-"

"I've decided to take a calmer approach at Lily."

"He's most definitely ill."

"So you said flowers?" James Potter was writing a list with his quill as Clarisse mentioned things he should do in order to get Lily Evans.

"Yes but not the flashy and vivid type, Pandora told me she predicted Lily liked roses but I think she's more of a daisy kind of girl." Clarisse rambled before pausing as James scribbled words down.

"Also she hates attention unless it's for good grades or something to do with school so maybe you should tone down the loud remarks."

"Compliments you mean?" James corrected her confused.

"I don't think comparing Lily's eyes to Dumbledore's robes was very romantic." Clarisse deadpanned as James shrugged.

"I thought it was."

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