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the final days

LEAVING HOGWARTS WAS ALMOST LIKE A NIGHTMARE TO THE SEVENTH YEARS. The thought of never being able to experience their life at the school again made them sad and nostalgic, and Clarisse felt primarily empty...

The last few days of school were approaching the seventh years and despite the frantic rush for exam finalisation and revising, most could only focus on how much they would miss Hogwarts. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the last few days, the marauders slowly planned a small celebration prank that would surely make their time there at Hogwarts.

Others, like Clarisse, attempted to savour each moment of their time there as much as possible. She would take long walks around the grounds late at night and explore the castle thoroughly - visiting all of her favourite places before it would be time to say goodbye.

Except probably the hardest thing for Clarisse to do was to say goodbye to her friends. Regulus, Barty and Evan would still be around for another year and this meant that Clarisse was practically ditching them.

She didn't know how she would survive without seeing her best friend of seven years everyday, nor did she know how she would be able to have breakfast without the continuous chatter of Barty and Evan in her ears. She would miss how protective they were over her - of course this wouldn't be the last time she ever saw them, but it felt like it.

"You need to visit during the summer and Yule!" Clarisse lectured the three boys who nodded in sync. "And possibly Easter if you can get away from your psychopath parents."

"Clari, we'll be okay." Barty sensed her worries as the girl searched the group with concerned eyes.

"If you ever need a place to go after Hogwarts, you're always welcome to live with me." This was pointedly directed towards Regulus, yet she meant the same for Barty and Evan. "You all know the address of my home, and I'll forward you any other address I change to."

"Thank you." Regulus muttered sincerely as he pulled his older sister into a hug, Barty and Evan graciously joining in with big, warm, bear-like arms.

The graduation ceremony included lots of tears, a few boos (the marauders when each other went up to the stage) and a few glares from snobby purebloods. Walburga and Orion Black had particularly harsh glares directed at Clarisse, but she just ignored them and sent a few rude gestures when their backs were turned. She didn't understand why they were even there, Regulus wasn't graduating and they had disowned Sirius in fifth year.

"Is that my parents?" Sirius furrowed his eyebrows as his eyes narrowed on a couple, Walburga's hand tightening as she gripped Regulus' shoulder. "What the fuck are they doing here?"

Clarisse leaned into James with a frown, her past experiences with the Black family parents being not so pleasant. James glared at the couple before opening his mouth, "ignore them Pads, maybe they won't come up to us."

"If they do I'll-"

Before Remus Lupin could get out the few choice words he had, they were quickly interrupted by Euphemia and Fleamont.

"MY CHILDREN!" They rushed over and collected all of the children into a massive hug, even Clarisse. Clarisse's family watched on from far away with raised brows and small smiles.

"Well done!" Euphemia exclaimed as she gave them all individual hugs, ruffling Sirius' hair a little. "We're so proud!"

"So proud." Fleamont added, a proud smile adorning his face. "I honestly didn't think that you guys would graduate so-"

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