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christmas spirit (im writing this on xmas rn at 2:57 am)

CLARISSE EMILIA RUSSO LOVED CHRISTMAS WITH HER WHOLE HEART. She knew it was probably silly and childish to love it but she did, she loved to decorate and watch movies and open presents - she loved it all.

So the girl knew immediately that she would go home for Christmas, no doubt about it. She had already bought presents for all of her friends and families, even thought it was only the 12th of December and most of her family got presents on Christmas Eve. She even got all of the marauders a Christmas present, she was so damn excited.

"You really love Christmas, don't you?" James muttered with wide eyes as he watched the girl stuff clothes into her suitcase. Lily had helped the girl sort out the clothes she was wearing and invited Clarisse to pack in the dorms with her. After Lily finished, Clarisse stayed back to finish the rest. James held two mugs of hot chocolate and was waiting for the girl to finish so that they could go to the kitchen and bake gingerbread together.

"It's the best time of the year!" Clarisse exclaimed, shoving some panties into her suitcase (smacking James when he whistled). "I don't stress about anything over Christmas, it's just pure joy and fun!"

"On that note..." James began as he handed her the hot mug, walking with her down the stairs of the Gryffindor dorms, sliding down the slide that emerged immediately after he stepped on a step. It was a struggle to get up the slide but he ended up succeeding (Sirius levitated him up). "On the 27th I have a bunch of friends coming round for Yule celebrations. I was wondering if you would come?"

"When you say a bunch of friends-"

"I mean Peter and Remus." James deflated slightly making the girl laugh. He neglected to add his best friend, but the boy already was spending Christmas at his house and Clarisse already knew this because of being friends with Regulus.

"Yeah I'll come by." Clarisse nodded with a big smile, "I'll bring you your present then because it's not ready yet."

James smiled brightly. "Oo what is it?"

"It is a surprise!" Clarisse gestured, spilling a bit of hot chocolate onto the white carpet.

"Where are you guys going? Sirius is about to reenact the titanic for charades - you can't miss this!" Peter excitedly explained as he rushed up to the duo.

Clarisse gave the smaller boy a smile. "Sorry Pete, can't. We are off to make gingerbread to get into the Christmas mood."

Peter visibly deflated making the brown haired girl frown slightly, her hand patting his shoulder gently. "Sorry Pete. You can join us if you want?"

"No," Peter started as he stared at the duo, his eyes switching between the two. "No, you should have alone time."

Clarisse and James shared an odd look, their eyebrows furrowing as the boy shuffled off with a weird look on his face.



"WITH A NOTE SAYING I LOVE YOU I MEANT IT!" James screamed alongside the Slytherin girl, his hand clasping onto hers as they danced around the kitchens with gleeful smiles.

"NOW I KNOW WHAT A FOOL I'VE BEEN!" Clarisse exclaimed as she twirled into the boy's chest.


The duo twirled around with giggles, their eyes widening when they realised that they couldn't move anymore. With a quick glance, James' face flushed red at the mistletoe dangling above them. Clarisse's eyes widened as she glared at the house elves that had gone mysteriously quiet and were attempting to sneak out of the kitchen.

"This is awkward."

"By announcing that it's awkward, you make it ten times more awkward." Clarisse complained as she stared up at the boy.

James huffed slightly before his eyes flickered to her lips. "You know it's enchanted right? We can't leave unless we kiss."

"We could always try bombarda?"

"And risk losing our heads in the process?" James raised his eyebrows at the girl who pretended to ponder on it. His shoulders shook with chuckles, his eyes glued onto the soft red hue of her cheeks.

"Wizards are so problematic."

James hummed in agreement as he tilted his head downwards to her. In a moment of pure bold action, his hand hovered upwards and gently held her chin. "So do I have your consent?"

"My consent?" Clarisse was at a loss for words, her coffee brown eyes wondering to his lips as she leaned into his hold subconsciously.

"I need your consent to kiss you, Reese." James murmured as his thumb rubbed her jaw gently. His eyes softened at her surprised face, his stroked becoming melodic.

"Y-yeah, you have my consent." Clarisse stuttered out with slightly wide eyes, the look in James' hazel eyes was slightly scaring her.

He looked like he was in love.

Without a second thought, the taller boy leaned down and captured the girl's lips with his own, his left hand slithering around her waist as she lifted her arms over his shoulders. The mistletoe above the couple magically disappeared as they snogged.... But the couple were not intending to stop anytime soon.

Clarisse ran her fingers through his hair, moaning when he trailed kisses up and down her neck, sucking on particular spots. He squeezed her waist with a low groan when she pulled on his hair as he deepened the kiss.

"James?" Clarisse pulled back with a gasp as she detached their lips.

"Hmm?" He hummed as he began to kiss down her neck. "What's the matter?"

The girl barely gave him one look before an excited twinkle shone in James Potter's eyes as his head snapped up, the girl smirking at his obvious excitement.

I'm sure you can guess what happened for the rest of the night.

(A/n sorry guys I'm horrific at smut/soft stuff)

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