Chapter 1: Moved out, or not?

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Chapter 1

Moved out, or not?


At last, vacation is near. Time for travelling, but where? Anyway there's still a week in school, so I decided to start off my day with a smile. I wiped out the blanket off me and started stretching. I pulled on my skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt with mustache design. I think it's pretty cute. So I matched my outfit with my blue chuck taylor. I like being simple. I don't fancy those racy outfits, I never did.

I left my brown hair loose, showing its natural little curls. I'm all set! So I kissed mom and dad goodbye, and teased my little sister. I got to the garage and start my car's engine and head off to school.

The first person to greet me this morning was my best friend, Jarred, well what's new? It's like his everyday routine at school; meet me at the parking lot, shove my things, and we go to first class together. He's the only person I can trust. 

After all he's my only best friend. I never had a girl best friend before, because they all would go like "She's always travelling. I bet she doesn't have any time to talk to her friends, if she has one." Yes some said that, but I just ignore it all the time, I don't want to push myself into fights.

"So, I bet you're going to travel again after this school year, huh?" Jarred asked.

"You know me better than I know myself." I teased and smiled.

"I sure do." he replied back just before we reached our classroom.

History teacher entered the room. I didn't pay so much attention in class today. Thinking where to travel this year's vacation. Until the bell rang, class is over. The day went on. I failed three quizzes today because I haven't got a single second to pay attention to any of the class. Good thing this day was over.

I walked fast to the parking lot, feeling so uneasy. It's like someone's following me the whole time, until someone hugged me from behind. I started to scream, struggling to remove the hands who're keeping me from breathing.

"Hey, hey! It's just me." glad to see it was only Jarred.

"Hey! Why d'ya did that? You scared the hell out of me!" I replied half-exaggerated.

"Nothing." he said followed by his angelic smile, which is the reason why I fell in love with him when we're in fifth grade. And nobody knows. Nobody has to know!

"Oh boohoo, stop smiling like that." I replied fast and looked away.

"Why am I adorable? Heyy, you like me, do you?" He teased and smiled smugly.

Oh wait! Could he possible knew? No! I got to act normal.

"I do not. You're not that adorable anyway, since you asked me" I said then laughed.

"HEY! Adorable Jarred, want to have dinner with me tonight?" Some girl yelled across the parking lot. And I'm not even surprised because Jarred has always been a heartthrob in school ever since kindergarten.

 Okay, talk about weird coincidence.

"Really Krys, are you the only one who can't see that in me?" Jarred turned to laugh at me, completely ignoring what the bimbo said.

"Whatever. So I gotta go, go and have a date with your..." Clearly I'm running out of words. "With your..." I continued, "Ugh whoever she is. Bye!" I finally burst out as I sat down in the front seat of my car.

"There's nothing to be jealous about, Krys." Jarred again teased smugly.

"Wait?! I am not." I replied as I grabbed the door handle and stuck my tongue out. Then finally closed the door. I saw he smiled, or more like chuckled.

He's absolutely just my best friend. The feeling couldn't possibly... Ugh no! I reached home and head to my bedroom without eating dinner.

"I shouldn't feel that way towards him. I mean he's ONLY a friend, and I really don't want to be just like the girls who fall in love with their guy best friend just like in movies!" I complained to myself and finally got tired of it.

The next morning...

I was confused. I think I fell asleep in the wrong place, wrong room, wrong house! Blue! Everything here in this room is blue. I don't remember replacing the pink theme of my room to be blue.

"Where am I?" I asked myself weirdly.

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