Chapter 14: Still

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Chapter 14


"What?" he asked while he yawned. "You asked me to stay with you last night. So why be frantic all of a sudden?" he simply asked.

I'm full dressed so there's nothing 'to worry about a pregnancy kind of thing. But still! I slept with a total stranger!

"But you knew I thought you were Jarred, right?!" I asked, feeling my face heated.

"Yes, but I just couldn't leave you. You were clingy to me and--"

"And what?!" I retorted. "You should've just said you were Dwade and I could willingly let you out!"

"That's the point. If you knew it was me as not Jarred then you'd shoo me away." he said while smirking.

"You lunatic devil!" I pointed at him, "Get out!"

He held both his hands up, "Easy. I'm going alright."

I watched him get the heck out of my room. He didn't close nor touch the door so it's I who shut it. But before I could do that I saw him outside the hallway, looking painful or some kind of that.

"What?!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry. I'm was caught up in the middle. I really am sorry." he said softly as he bowed his head and walked down the stairs.

Okay, what was that for? Wait. He's right! He's ought to be sorry, alright! Ugh! I'm still pissed! But it's not at the same level when I woke up this morning.

After short period of getting ready for school, I am now here in this blatant place surrounded by the seniors.

"Look, Krystal. There's nothing wrong about hooking up with Dwade. Though it's a sin. But still,"  Kelly said, "You're hurting someone who's not worthy being yours." she shrugged off and left me hanging.

Who does she meant by that?

Whatever. It's probably just nothing. Good thing they didn't piss me until lunch time. Tiffani just converse me all day, and I haven't even seen Jarred the whole time.

"And then there were like sparkly--,"

"Wait," I cut Tiffani off from her storytelling, "Where's Jarred?" I asked while looking around.

"You're not even listening," she sighed. "But I don't know. You should call him."

"I tried." I said. "But he's not answering nor replying. I wonder what's up."

"Uhh, Krys." Tiffani slightly uttered, "You might want to check who're behind you now."

"What?" I looked behind and...

Saw Jarred with Porsche. Their hands intertwining together, they looked like a real couple. Everyone's eyes were glued on them as if they're a celebrity couple passing our hallway.

Just about when they're near our place, Jarred didn't even look at me. But I was Porsche who looked back with a smirk and wink.

What the heck was that?!!

Suddenly, I feel so heavy. My eyes are starting to form out tiny liquid on its edges. I feel dizzy, and unexplainable, and, and--!

And hurt. It hurts.

With that I ran away to somewhere I knew no one would dare land feet on. I cried. I thought Jarred liked me? Then why is he with that Porsche who's been the devil behind me all the time?

So I'm left alone now. I'd fight for him. But... I think it's useless now that I think he likes her, too. I have no fight to win after all. Because in the first place, I already lost. But I'll try and talk to him when I get the chance. He's still my befriend, right? Even if the feeling's not mutual anymore, for liking maybe, there's still our friendship to hold onto.

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