Chapter 8: Inquisitive Kids

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Chapter 8

Inquisitive Kids 

"Is that true? Do you mean all of that?" I heard a familiar voice from behind. More like Krystal's.

I didn't look back. Maybe I was just hallucinating. Why would Krystal be here in the middle of the night accompanied by the heavy storm?

"Ugh! Even your voice is registering my mind. Am I that obsess over you?" I ruffled my hair in depression, hoping to pass out cause I failed to reach my goal. It's as if I'm almost at the end of a race's finish line with a price to rule over the world, but then I tripped.

"I'm right here, Jarred." I heard a response.

My eyes were still closed as I argued with my senses, or so at least I think. "Oh great! So now my mind's answering me."

"No, I'm right here Jarred. Open your eyes." the voice commanded.

I slowly opened my eyes. I couldn't see clear at first because of the rain pouring all over me. I rubbed my eyes and blinked twice before I gained a clearer sight. My jaw dropped from awe as soon as I realized that I wasn't hallucinating, Krystal's in front of me, for real.


Worried, I stared at him as he got up from the muddy ground. I leaned closer and ended up hugging him. I leveled my mouth into his ear and whispered, "I'm so worried, why didn't you come home? Or got inside your car?" I pulled away, looking at him, concerned.

"I told you already. I'm serious about what I said earlier." he said calmly while looking at the ground "I have something to say, but I guess keeping it a secret would be better. And—"

"I heard it." I interfered. His face automatically faced me, his mouth forming an O-shaped.

"You did?" A thousand expression was plastered on his face.

"I did!" Looking at him straight through his eyes. He looked away but I placed my hand under his chin forcing his face to look into mine. "Look, I'm sorry that—" He removed my hand and looked away quickly.

"It doesn't matter anyway! Now that you know how I feel towards you, I'm sensing that you'll ignore me as if I never existed. You'll—"

"Stop it! Let me finish first!" I cut him off, we never let each other finish our sentence. But since it's my turn this time, I wouldn't let him caught me off guard. "I wouldn't do that! Never in a million years. One question mister! Why would I do that when you're like my brother, father, best friend and even sometimes a sister." I'm crying, but I still managed to joke and laugh at my own words. My question ended up as a statement.

"I just came here to let you know that..." I paused, not knowing what the next phrases are. Until Jarred finally looked me in the eye. A thousand words sank into my mind, a feeling that is more than true to be expressed by just words. I put the words all together but mouthed what those words truly meant,

"I love my best friend as well."

His depressing face lightened up. I can see his face forming a smug. "You love me, too?"

"No! I love my best friend, Tiffani, and then we're already together." I joked and rolled my eyes, "Goodness sake! Yes, I'm in love with you."

"Prove it!" he challenged me.

"If I don't care about you, why would I be here in the first place? IN MY PJ's?" I gave emphasis to the last phrase and he just laughed at me.

"I don't believe you. I'm leaving, sorry." he joked and acted as if he really would leave me. But then I chose to ride with his joke. I shot a fake cry at him, but unfortunately it didn't hit him. He turned away and started walking out. That's when I realized that he could probably be serious this time, I think.

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