Chapter 5: Can I steal a Kiss?

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Chapter 5

Can I steal a Kiss? 

Sitting with Krystal feels so surreal. Am I dreaming? I'm feeling like a child again. I miss all the fun we had back then. I miss her, that's all.

"Look at that star" I pointed out the little yet brightest one in the sky. "I call it..."

"Verre." to my surprise, we said it together. But how come she knew? I looked at her and she let out a gasp.

But wait, how did she know? I never mentioned that to anyone else, did I? No, of course not. Not to her anyway, it's only my guy buds who knew that. Because afterall what I really called that star was Krystal. Maybe someone told her or what. It's not bothering me, just don't let her know my real monicker for that.

"Uh, yeah. It's really really late. I don't think I can spend the night here" she's sounding defensive again, trying to change the subject. She got up but I caught her hand.

"Please stay... please?" I whispered. I'm being way too melodramatic, it's just Krystal, Jarred. Snap out of it! "But if you really do want to go home, fine" I plastered a weak smile on my face, letting go of her hand.

She straightened her face. "Alright, I'll stay" she said calmly and then laughed. "What's up with you tonight? Are you drunk?"

I never drink alcohol. Because Krys doesn't like those guys who drink just because they had problems. And I care about what Krys will think of me. So Alcohol is a big NO for me.

I rolled my eyes while smiling. "You know I don't drink."

The conversation went on. Topics flew back when we were young. She misses those days as much as I miss it. How about we do it again, I mean the activities we did back then. Nahh! I wouldn't suggest. She might laugh at me.

"How about we ride bike tomorrow to school? Like we used to do" she suggested. My face lightened up, she's thinking the same thing.

I smirked at her. "You think I would agree to that?"

"Of course!" she's sounding confident. "Of course you would, right Jarred? Right best friend?" Poking me in the chest and wiggling her eyebrows.

Our conversation went on until she rested her head into my shoulder. Instead of waking her up, I pulled her closer to me and hugged her with my left arm. I stared at her angelic face. Could you tell, this girl has an innocent-looking face but when she spoke, man run for your life. Kidding! Well, she's kind of like that when it comes to me, I like it though. Krys is cute when she's annoyed or even when mad. Summing all that she's gorgeous in every angle.

"If only you were mine, Krys. If only." I confidently muttered to her. It was safe, she's asleep. My eyes are still wandering off her face. Her eyes, her long eyelashes, her cute nose I used to pinch and her lips which I think are soft. I wonder how does it feel kissing it. Can I steal a kiss from her? She wouldn't know, right? Just one. Only one.

I brought my face near hers. I'm really going to do it. Just this once and never again, unless she wants me to. I closed my eyes. I can feel her sweet breath. My lips were ready to touch hers, until a light rain interfered my moment! Darn it. I carried her into my room. I was surprised. She's sleeping all this time. How come the mist didn't wake her up. I let out a soft chuckle while I laid her into my bed. We're not that wet since it's just the drizzle that poured into us.

I let her sleep in my bed while I'm on the couch. Sacrifice, Jarred. Sacrifice! Or maybe I could sleep with her. I thought, wiggling my eyebrows. HA-HA! She's my best friend, so there's no malice. There, I lie down beside her but not facing her.

It's two am in the morning, and I felt someone's hugging me. Then I remembered, Krystal's beside me. I felt my face redden. She's hugging me as if I was her pillow. Ugh! Good to know. I closed my eyes, still not facing her. Because I know I can't fight this urge to kiss her. Who am I kidding? I'm not in love with her. I am not! This desire is nothing.


My alarm clock rang. I grope at the side of my bed, checking if Krys is still asleep. I jumped out of bed knowing she's not there. I looked around my room even in my CR. She's nowhere to be found. I got dressed, and headed downstairs.

"Hey mom. Have you seen Krys?" I looked around, hoping she's still here. Who am I kidding, of course she won't be here. Probably home getting ready for school. Still, I'm assuming.

"Krystal left earlier. She didn't want to wake you up. She said you're kind of drooling." Mom teased. Could you believe it, my mom laughed so hard.

I finished my bowl of cereal and got out of the house and straight to the garage. I remembered we were supposed to ride our bikes to school. School is near that's why I don't bother going out of bed early. So instead of starting my engine, I rode my bike going to Krys' house. Even though we're in the same street and the school is near, we still use our cars. 

I'm in time. Krys just got out of their gate, with her bike. "Hey! Let's go?" I nodded, then she rode her bike.

"Why didn't you wake me up this morning when you left?" I asked.

"Why should I? You're busy drooling." she stuck her tongue out and laughed so hard.

"I do not drool." I protested.

"Of course you wouldn't know that. You were sleeping." she rolled her eyes and drove faster. We race to school, and I won of course.


That dupe! Obviously, he cheated. He kept distracting me with his words. He kept on looking at me right in the eye. Well, I guess it's kind of my fault. I let myself sink in with his words and his melting stares.

I hurried to English, my first period.

"Hey! Krys! Dinner tonight?" he yelled from behind. Now people are staring at us. I just nodded to avoid instantly the attention.

My day went as usual as it seems. I'm of course always with Tiffani. Do stuff that students do. And I can't believe it, I'm excited for tonight.

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