Chapter 10: This crazy feeling

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Chapter 10

This crazy feeling 

"How about you order a pizza?" Tiffani suggested.

"That's pretty shallow, don't you think Jarred?" asked Kirk.

"Fine," Tiffani pouted. "How about we just gave her three separate consequences? You know, to avoid agitation."

They looked at each other with wide grin. Gosh! Aren't I being punished enough?

"I'll do whatever you want, OK? Just don't cross the line." I said, completely being acrimonious.

They high-fived each other while I crossed my arms and grumble about it. And me being unlucky, has no choice but to stay here in Kirk's house because Tiffani said so. Come to think of it, this will be fun. We don't have any morning class tomorrow so I still agreed even though I cannot decline her mandate.

Kirk and Jarred decided to use their so-called will when they feel like it. How could they take these consequences seriously? Oh that's right! They're guys, not to mention one of them is my cocky and annoying best friend. I just hope that they won't bring more catastrophe to my messed-up life.

"Let's play spin-the-bottle, guys!" said Jarred, who already got a plastic bottle in his hands.

"I think, I'll pass. I've had enough of consequences tonight." So I shook my head no, and then jumped back at the couch.

"Oh, c'mmon Krystal. This will be fun." Kirk tried to reason, but I still hesitated.

"Kirk's right. And you have an option, by the way. So it'll be like a truth-or-dare or something except that we'll be using a bottle, of course." Tiffani clarified.

I groaned peevishly. "Alright! Alright! As I've said, don't—"

"Cross the line." they said in chorus. And that made me laugh despite of the irritation they've been giving me this night.

We sat down on the carpet, forming a circle. Tiffani's the first one to spin the bottle. She can't even manage to hold the bottle right so it didn't spin the right way. She attempted many times and my impatient best friend took place.

"You're doing it wrong." he complained and then spun the bottle, which twirled without flaw. The mouth of the bottle pointed at Tiffani.

"So, what do you want? Truth or Dare?" I asked, smirking a little knowing that I have the access to make her do or tell anything.

"I'm going for Truth." she said confidently.

I thought she was going for a dare. I hadn't got any clue of what to ask her. So I'm just going for something that has something to do with Kirk.

I smirked at her before asking. She looked pale and her smirk dropped.

"What did you like about KIRK?"

"Uh, you know. I like him as a FRIEND." she looked down trying to hide her blush. She's so cute.

I laughed. "No, you said you like him. As in like like." I wiggled my eyebrows.

Kirk was astounded to hear our conversation, but he managed to stay silent.

"Okay, what I like about him is that he's nice even though he's a jock." Tiffani said then looked at Kirk, as if she's apologizing.

"Ok, fine." I crossed my arms.

Kirk now took a spin. And the bottle pointed at me. Geeez! Me again?

"I'll go for a dare."

Kirk crossed his arms as he rubbed his chin, probably thinking what he wants me to do.

"Kiss me."

Did he just say that? I looked up to him, and his face was serious. And no, I won't go kissing him. I never planned on making my best friend hate me. Then I shifted my gaze to Tiffani.

"It's okay Krys. You can." she nodded in agreement. But I do not want to. I don't want to lose my first kiss just because of a stupid dare.

"No! It's not okay! Okay?" It was Jarred who said that. Pure jealousy was his language now. He looked even cuter when jealous. I might as well make fun of him.

"Okay. I'm going to kiss you now, Kirk." I said, not leaving my eyes on Jarred's. Then I smirked.

I widened my eyes at Kirk, saying that I was just playing, and I'm not going to really kiss him. And I hope he gets my point.

Jarred continued with his tantrums while I enjoyed myself from teasing him. I pushed myself closer to Kirk's face, making him blush. Kirk closed his eyes, probably waiting for me to plant a kiss on his lips. But no, I pinched his nose instead making him startle.

I laughed hard. "You should have seen your face, Kirk. Hilarious!"

"Hey! It's a dare, you know. You have to do it." Kirk protested.

"NO!" Jarred yelled angrily. I never thought he would be serious in this, I'm only playing. It's not that I really would kiss his best friend.

I sat beside Jarred and patted his back. "Relax, Jarred. I'm only teasing you."


We decided to stop the game and watch some horror movies instead. They chose to watch The Last Exorcism. I'm totally not into horror movies. It gives me creeps at night when sleeping alone.

As we watch the movie, I screamed, jumped and mostly cuddled with Jarred. Don't get me wrong, I just buried myself accidentally into Jarred because I'm creept out.

The movie ended up at two in the morning. Kirk offered their three guest rooms for us to stay in, while he stayed in his bedroom. Reluctantly, I walked to the first guest room upstairs. Tiffani took the second one and Jarred's on the third.

As I laid down my body into the comfy bed, I cowardly placed all the pillow around me and closed my eyes. I feel like someone's watching me. I'm already trembling. I told you horror thing never was my thing. After a moment, I felt the wind rushing beside me, giving me goose bumps. I opened my eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling. I forced myself to ignore the creeps within the ambiance, but I failed.

I stood up quickly and ran out of the room as fast as I can and headed to Jarred's room. Knocking on his door will help me no good, so I barged in wildly instead.

"HEY!" Jarred said, totally freaked out.

I sighed heavily while I closed the door softly. "Uhm, can I sleep with you?" I asked, looking down while biting my lower lip.

The shock on his face glided out, letting a smirk took over on his lips. "Sure, honey."

"Ew, honey? Don't call me that!" Then I quickly hopped on beside him. I pushed him away as he tried to hug me. "One meter distance."

"Oh, really? Fine. Just don't go near me if you felt something weird." He smirked as he tried to frighten me.

I just rolled my eyes at him and continued my sleep. I thought I will be having a good night sleep now that I'm beside Jarred, but I was wrong. The creeps are still haunting me. Probably because I'm thinking of it every second. I leaned closer to Jarred slowly and quietly.

I drew myself even more closer to him, and the next thing I knew I was hugging him. His warm body made me sleep in relief. I was beginning to fall deep into my sleep as I felt him hug me back. I have never felt this secured.

I love this feeling. I wish we could stay like this forever.

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