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Have you been in love?

If yes, well then great! How did it turned out?

If not not, then your prince is just out there looking for you, or maybe already walked pass you but you just didn't notice him. But someday he'll come after you. Trust love. And if yours was magical, well then I congratulate you.

Whom did you fall for?

A hot guy with large biceps and six pack abs?

A gentleman whose goal is to make you feel that you're the only girl in his eyes and that he'll love you for a life time?

A normal guy, just a normal guy like the others (but in your eyes he's the most special person in your world)?

A playboy who changed himself for the sake of your love?


Your best friend since you two were just crawling?

The last option was very hard. For as wel say it "A friendship can easily be turned into love, but love back into friendship is definitely a hard thing to do"

In your own words, who's the worst person to fall in love with?

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