Chapter 15: Leaving

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Chapter 15


"It's settled mom. I'm going to Paris to visit aunt Mari and my little cousins. I heard they're great cook at such young age." I told mom.

After a long lone of thinking, I finally made my decision about where to fly this vacation. I just hope it would be the best thing to do; to escape while leaving the bitter memories, and forget everything.

I just have a graduation left to organize and I'm done here. Real done.

Of course I still go to school. Even if a jerk's here, he was still my friend-was. Now I'm treating him like a total stranger. I think it would be best that way.

"Hey Tiff, are you coming to the graduation ball?" I asked her. She's not an officer so it's cool for them to not attend. But for me it's mandatory. I'm an officer.

"I don't know. If I have a clear schedule I'll go." she said while scribbling something on a piece of paper.

"Hey, what's that?" I didn't wait for her answer, I grab the paper instead.

"Give it back!" she ordered.

I laughed. "Really? F.l.a.m.e.s? You're doing this with your name and Kirk's?" I laughed more. "Tell me, is there something going on between you two?"

She bit her lower lip the cute way, "There's a little."

I pointed at her with a teasing smile, "I knew it! I knew it!" I sat beside her so close and clung on her arm. "You have to tell me everything!" I said with a wide smile. But it all disappeared when one person came inside the homeroom.

It's him.

I told myself hundred times to not get affected, but it's too difficult. I can't handle his presence anymore without getting a pained feeling inside.

"Uhh, just IM me tonight, Tiff. I-I n-need to hurry," I stopped, finding the right words, "somewhere."

She looked around and saw the reason of my uneasiness. She just nodded and flashed a weak smile.

I stood up and walk towards the door. I saw Porsche approaching the way so I took the opposite. I don't want to see her as well. Who does? After what she did? Ugh!

I saw Dwade heading this way. Boy, aren't I being punished enough?! What ever. This guy have better guts than that bimbo behind. So I took the way where Dwade is. I let out a deep relieved sigh when he didn't follow me. But no, I was wrong. He pulled me into one of unoccupied room immediately.

"What now?" I calmly asked. There's no point in being so loud, is there?

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