Chapter 12: Culprit

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Chapter 12


I got back to the homeroom, completely annoyed and worried at the same time. People approached me, asking if something's wrong. Of course I didn't say anything to them. I wouldn't go shaking their minds with lots of thought and problems.

"So what's up with you today Krys?" Tiffani asked. "And hey I like your outfit today." she complimented.

"Uh, thanks." I flashed her a weak smile. "Hey Tiff, what subjects we have to take exams for today?"

"Almost everything." she said before falling inside of her text books and reviewers.

I sighed. Look's like I'm really doomed for today. I have exams all for today and a graduation invitation due at dismissal. That's great! Real great! Tch.

My day is obviously not very well. Got creeps all the time whenever a senior would pass by our homeroom. They could easily get me in trouble, seriously! The fact that they're the most superior in all of the student body.

I reviewed a lot before we start an exam. I did that for almost every subject. I stayed in the computer room at lunch to restart with my assigned task for the seniors graduation, so for the result-I didn't eat lunch. Afterwards I headed back to homeroom. My task isn't done already, it's not as easy you know.

My last examination was Trigonometry with Prof. Couch. And I'm not even thinking the positive way. I'm getting dizzier every second, but I'm very much hopeful to finish my exam before I could pass out.

"Three minutes, birdbrains. Now kick it!" mr. Couch announced. Where the hell does his words came from?!

I can do this, three minutes wouldn't hurt. Just another three.


I opened my eyes, and saw the familiar white walls of the infirmary. I felt the frigid ambiance inside and the filthy smell of medicine that never amused me.

"W-why am I here?" I just asked. Surely, there would be people guarding me right?

"You slept." a familiar voice said.

"Slept?" my eyes widened now. I'm completely awake. "Oh my gosh! My trigonometry exam!" I shrieked.

"Hey, hey." I looked at my left only to found out it was Jarred. He comforted me. "It will be alright. I explained everything to mr. Couch and he said he would probably take your excuse. Now don't worry."

"And what did you say this time?" I asked.

"Said something about your task. He would understand that. You can go to his office later." he smiled. "But first. You have to eat."

"Well I'm not hungry." I countered.

"You are. You passed out because you're not eating at proper time and you lack of sleep." he said straight.

"Alright." I forfeit. "Just don't get me pizza for this time."

"That's unlucky because I got you three boxes of it," he said while letting out chortles. "I'm kidding. So take this instead."

"Rice porridge?" I raised an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked sheepishly.

"Fine I'll devour this. But you better make sure to treat me into a nicer one this evening.

"Hey! That's better than pizzas this time, right? So don't complain now."


It's almost five in the afternoon the time I got out of infirmary. Jared's with me all the time. He even accompanied me to prof. Couch's office when I took my exam. It didn't last long because I'm almost done at last minute of the countdown before I passed out.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" I said. We're now heading outside the school, but I have to be back inside again for the task I left unfinished. I'm just going to accompany Jared on the parking lot since he's been good to me this day.

"Yep. Wait, are you already finished with the invitation? I mean, I could help you so you can rest now." he kindly offered.

"It's fine. I'm too deep now from debts to you. I can't let you do anything nice again or I'll owe you even more." I joked.

"I'm not asking for anything at all. Just let me help you. Can't let anything like passing out or getting extremely tired happen to you ever again." he said with seriousness. But he smiled in the end.

"No, really. I'm fine." I smiled back.

"You sure?"

"I'm telling you for the nth time that I'm fine and sure."

He sighed. "Alright. Just take care of yourself. Be home at six and I'll call you, you understand?"

"You sounded like my dad." I chuckled.

"More like a boyfriend." I heard him murmured.

"I heard that." I playfully glared at him.

"Oh, gotta go! See ya!" he waved defensively, and I couldn't help but to laugh.

He's nuts.

I made my way back to work. But before I entered the room, I heard people conversing inside.

"Why are you doing this Porsche? You're making her living in hell. Didn't you know that she passed out just this afternoon?" a voice said.

"I don't care." another voice answered. "She's stealing away Jarred from me."

"What?! He's not even in to you, why would you think he's under your possession?"

"Well, he will be. And Krystal's the problem!" someone said in coldness. "We're nearly there! So I just have to get rid of her," I heard a dire laugh. "Or their friendship."

I, uhh...

I can't believe what I'm hearing. Jared's the reason?

And that girl, the cold one... Was that Porsche?

Oh God, help me!

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