Chapter 4: At the Roof

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Chapter 4

At the Roof 

I guess it's time to stay away from Jarred. I fell for him again just because of that stupid dream. I thought everything was going well.

Jarred hurried trying to catch up with me. "Hey, is there something wrong? You're weird today."

Those last phrases reminded me of what he said in my dream. Aren't I being punished enough? Ohgosh! Make this stop. I am not weird for heaven's sake!

I calmed myself down. "Of course there's nothing wrong. I am not weird today. I am perfectly fine. I didn't have any nightmare, or I did. But that nightmare wasn't actually about you that's getting me weirder these days." I uttered fast, sounding defensive. I completely had no idea about what I just said.

"Easy, girlfriend." he said while tapping my back.

"Huh? What? Girlfriend?" I asked quickly, sounding defensive again.

"What? Did I say girlfriend? I said best friend" then he chuckled.

"Ugh!" I let out a heavy sigh. "I guess I'll see you around later."

"But we're on the same class this first period. Let's go!" Without letting me say a word, he grabbed my hand fast dragging me towards the classroom.

He just can't stop doing such things, huh? Though I somehow appreciate it, since he's my best friend.


It's 10:30, I need to get to Trigonometry. I'm doooooooomed! I ran as fast as I could to reach the classroom before Professor Couch.

"OUCH!" I realized I bumped into someone. Woah! Deja vu. Enough of that! My things are scattered all around the floor. Now there's no hope that I'm going to reach the classroom in time. I started picking up my things when one guy approached me.

"I'm sorry. Are you alright?" I looked up for one moment, it was Kirk Calixte, Jarred's best bud.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he helped me pick my things up. "Thank you." I smiled sheepishly.

He chuckled. "Well, aren't you hurrying up for your class or something?"

Darn! I totally forgot about that. I started to get exaggerated. "Uuhh! Yeah, thanks for helping me. I have got to get to Trigonometry before my Professor. Bye." I started running, nearly crying.

I'm not really supposed to fear Professor Couch. But he just hates it when somebody's late. One time, he almost failed my classmate for showing up late for less than three minutes. I looked down at my watch, and it's already 10:42. Darn! My travelling fantasies would be over. I am not taking summer school! I. WILL. NOT! I started running even faster. Wishing that prof. isn't there yet.


Did I just saw tears fell down her eyes? Wow, Trigonometry must be really important to her. Great! There's Jarred. I'm going to his way until I stepped on something. I looked down and saw a book. A Trigonometry book.

"This must be Krystal's." I muttered to myself.

"Hey dude!" Jarred said tapping my back. "Are you coming to the library? We have to do our research, or else we won't be enjoying our summer. C'mmon let's go!"

I have got to get this book to Krystal. Fast! "I'll catch up with you guys later. I... I just need to go... uhm... Somewhere."

"Look, dude. If we don't get to pass our research papers later today, we'll be doomed. Let me repeat, we won't be enjoying our summer partying at clubs all night, instead we'll be stuck here for summer school." Jarred is exaggerating and at the same time serious, I couldn't help but laugh.

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