Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


            I wrapped my arm around Victoria's waist as we waited in the long line. People around us chatted loudly in excitement. I looked down at Victoria who had nerves written all over her face. It's obvious that this show means just as much to her as it means to her mother. They're sharing this moment together.

            "Has your mom wanted to do this her entire life?" I asked.

            "Yeah." Victoria nodded. "When she was in high school she'd make a few dollars here and there selling her clothes to classmates. She went to college to major in business, in hopes to run her own fashion industry someday. When that didn't work out so well, she began try and get discovered. Now that's finally happening."

            "Why wasn't she able to start her own business?" Something drastic must've happened or maybe she couldn't afford to open a shop?

            "Um, she met my father in college and just before her senior year she fell pregnant with me. She couldn't afford tuition and to take care of me so she made a decision."

            Wow, I can only imagine how that makes Victoria feel. I know I'd feel guilty if I stood between my mother's dreams and life goal.

            Eventually we made it to the entrance and showed our tickets. The woman frowned as she looked at our tickets and a nervous feeling filled my stomach.

            "You didn't have to wait in this long line. These are VIP tickets. You could have come right to the front."

            "Oh, great." Victoria said sarcastically. "Well at least we know for next time."

            "Your spots are reserved in the front row with your names on them."         

            I took Victoria's hand as we made our way into the fashion show. The room was dark with the catwalk illuminated, and multi colored lights shone around the room. Loud music played to the point you could hardly hear yourself think.

            We found our seats in the front, our names were written on them just like the woman had said. We sat and waited for the show to start. I draped my arm across the back of Victoria's chair and she leaned into me.

            "Do you think your mom is nervous?" I asked her as I watched more people flood in and find their seats.

            "Oh, I know she's nervous. This is what she's wanted to do her entire life and now it's finally happening. I'm so happy for her. She deserves this, and I'm not just saying that because she's my mom."

            "So do you think you'll still love me once your mom is famous and her fame rubs off on you?" I joked.

            "I don't know, we could probably fit in a few seconds for us to hold hands, but that's about it." She said thoughtfully. She then cracked a smile and I leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead.

            "Funny." I said sarcastically.

            Soon the lights that scattered the room came to focus on the stage. The music changed to a different upbeat song and I knew the show was starting. Victoria sat up excitedly as she waited for the models.

            "This is it!" She exclaimed, a large smile plastered on her face.


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