Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


Victoria didn't stay long. She said she had something to do and left. I know she really just didn't want to be around Sophie.

"Sophie," I started. She sat on my lap playing with a n app on my phone. "why don't you like Victoria?"

"She bad." she answered.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because Daddy mine."

My brows furrowed. Is that what the problem is? She doesn't want to lose me? But doesn't she know I would never leave her.

"You can share daddy, right?" I asked her.

"Uh, uh." she shook her head. "Daddy mine."

I heard footsteps and looked to see my mom coming from upstairs. She looked as though she'd just woken up.

"Hey Aaron." she greeted me. "I accidentally fell asleep upstairs while Sophie was taking a nap."

"She was up when we got here."


"Victoria was here for a little while, then left."

"Victoria bad." Sophie said.

"She isn't bad." I sighed.

I picked up Sophie and placed her on the floor. She sat in the middle of the floor, not looking up from the game she was playing. My mom sat on the couch to watch Sophie while I went upstairs to call Victoria.

I laid on my bed and dialed Victoria's phone. It rang a couple of times before she answered.

"Hi." she said.

"I'm really sorry about Sophie." I apologized.

"Don't be, it's fine."

"I know why she's acting that way, now I just need to fix it. She thinks you're going to steal me from her."

"Awe, how cute. But she should know that no one could steal you away."

"Yeah I would think so, but I guess it's because I haven't had a girlfriend since she was born. She's never had to share my attention with anyone. But anyway, when do you want to go on another date?"

"I don't know. Whenever you're free I guess."

I looked at my watch and saw it was only 5:30. We didn't get to spend as much time together as I'd wanted to earlier today.

"How about today? I'll pick you up in an hour?"

"Okay. I'll be ready."


I hung up and smiled. This will be my third date with Aaron, not including the dinner dates we had with our parents. I don't know what it is but no matter how many times, when he asks to hang out with me I feel special. I get to hang out with Aaron Evans, the most popular guy in school, as much as I want. I feel as time goes that will never change.

I took a long refreshing shower then found something to wear. I searched through my closet and drawers and decided on a black circle skirt with a cropped burgundy sweater. I slipped on black tights and slipped on my pair of heeled black lace up ankle boots. I dried my hair and led it fall across my shoulders in its natural curls. I applied my makeup which consisted of a light smoky eye, eye liner, mascara, and light pink lip gloss.

Soon there was a knock at the door and I rushed to answer it. I smiled at the sight of Aaron standing before me in dark jeans and a black hoodie.

"Ready to go?" he asked with a smile.

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