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Catching Feelings // Derek Hale by sunshiiine7
Catching Feelings // Derek Haleby Cece
She burned bright in him like a fire, igniting the most intense feelings he'd never experienced before. copyright © this book is all mine minus the part where they obvio...
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My Perfect Mistake by SimplyAmber96
My Perfect Mistakeby Amber
Every girl in school idolizes Aaron Evans, the school player. He's drop dead gorgeous, football captain, has a hot body, and not to mention those gorgeous blue eyes. But...
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arachnophobia ➸ a.i. by 5sos4pie
arachnophobia ➸ a.i.by 5sos4pie
In which Leah's fear of spiders runs deeper than her hatred for her insolent neighbor, Ashton Irwin.
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Broken Memories || Dipcifica || Secretly In Love Book 2 by francesmagallanes
Broken Memories || Dipcifica || Se...by ; howell
After a freak accident, Dipper makes a deal with Bill to never let it happen in the first place. In exchange for Pacifica's memories with the Pines Twins. Dipper strugg...
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Daughter of Posieden by moonlightwolf14
Daughter of Posiedenby Moonlightwolf14
(It's my first book) (please excuse the cringe) (actually don't even read it just read Daughter if Neptune instead) 15 year old Ashley Carter, blessed by the twelve gods...
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van gogh ✦ harry potter [o.h] by nucturnals
van gogh ✦ harry potter [o.h]by ; zeena
❝ I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day ❞ [ gob - dh ] © nucturnals
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Our Poisonous Love [ Chrollo x Reader  ] by Isabellemarief
Our Poisonous Love [ Chrollo x Rea...by 「 Isabelle 」
You were nothing these past few years but an alcoholic, an addict, a miserable low life only to be saved by a man with scarlet eyes. You eventually fell in love with him...
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Wings [Vikklan] by Shippingthepack
Wings [Vikklan]by Jazzi
"You are truly Blessed Mrs Power, I-I've only read about this in books, I've never seen this happen in real life?" "W-What do you mean Doctor?" "...
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Problematic (Brallon) by Silverleaf_23
Problematic (Brallon)by !
"Don't you even think about messing with him. He is problematic" Warnings: Possible Trigger Warning, Alcohol and Drugs warning, Mature Language
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The Tale Of The Zones: A Danger Days Fanfiction(book 1) by Revenge_Way
The Tale Of The Zones: A Danger Da...by Revenge_Way
The fires of 2012 started it all. Millions of Lives destroyed, and it was all part of Better Living Industries plan. It is now 2019 and their headquarters have grown str...
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MISTAKES - Taehyung FF #WATTYS2K16 by Sagwanik
MISTAKES - Taehyung FF #WATTYS2K16by SagwaNik
*every chapter takes 5-20 seconds to read* Unless you like reading slow/really fast :)
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Forsaken {10k} by xstargazer
Forsaken {10k}by Stargazer
Life as it was before is long over. People are scarce and zombies are found in an abundance. This journey begins 3 years after the apocalypse occurred. At the time Rave...
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Would it really kill you if we kissed {multi-ship} by petekeyaf
Would it really kill you if we kis...by s t a r b o y
Hearts that never beat together, but not apart either. Just off beat, together. Lust that never lasts after love.
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Once (Eric - Divergent love story)  by BeautifulDarkness17
Once (Eric - Divergent love story) by Karley Nicole
16 year old Nova Lee Anna didn't know what was to come once she left her home in Erudite, but she did know she was going to make it through and make a difference. From t...
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Omega son of Chaos by dearpisces
Omega son of Chaosby PiscesNoire
"My cold unnerving stare will be the last thing you'll ever see before I bring down my blade. I am a predator I show no mercy to those who don't deserve it, my hear...
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Noxious [DenNor] by icelandr
Noxious [DenNor]by ⠀
"I'm trying to protect you from hurting yourself, you drunk idiot!" Lukas stormed forward. His patience had run out, and he'd had enough of this conversation...
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mommy and daddy issues♡ by peachyyui
mommy and daddy issues♡by tehila♡
click, click, click. her nude louis vuittons slammed across the marble floor like bullets. her hood was drawn across her face but strands of her curling dark hair escape...
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Theater Kids by CR8911
Theater Kidsby Claire D. Rasmussen
The high school drama club is debating over the true meaning of the classic Romeo and Juliet. One group believes it's a cautionary tale about the stupidity of youth and...
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SWEET AND SOUR by ellaortrash
SWEET AND SOURby v_kookie_monster
your father is in the military and has to move to Korea. you really don't want to go and leave all your friends, but you must. you are an artist. one day you at school...
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