Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


There was someone patting my nose. Usually I'd be annoyed, but I know who belong to the little hand.

"Daddy, wake up." Sophia, my daughter, said.

I kept the smile off my face as I pretended I was sleeping. She patted my nose once more. I then quickly grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. She let out a scream as I blew raspberries on her stomach. I began to tickle her sides and she burst into laughter as she tried removing my hands.

"I love you." I told her once I stopped tickling her.

"Love you too." she said, giving me a kiss.

"Aaron, you're going to be late for school!" my mom called up the stairs.

"I'm up!" I called back. I looked at Sophie who pouted at me. "What?" I asked her.

"Stay." She said.

"I can't. Daddy has to go to school."

"I go with you." she said excitedly.

"No sweetie. You can't. You'll be here with grandma."


I sighed. It's only morning and she's already in one of her moods. There are some mornings she begs to go to school with me, and when she doesn't get her way she screams.

"How about you go into your room and pick out something to wear while daddy gets dressed."

"Yeah." she said with a smile.

I helped her off my bed and she ran out to her room. I took a quick shower and dressed in grey jeans and a black OBEY sweatshirt. I combed through my hair quickly then slipped on a red snapback.

Sophia ran into my room with a ball of clothes in her arms. She held them up towards me.

"Is that what you're going to wear?" I asked her, noticing the many different colors that didn't go together. She nodded. "Let's go give them to grandma."

I took her hand and lead her downstairs. She ran over to my mom and handed her the clothes. I mouthed to my mom that I was going to go. It's easier to slip out of the house when Sophie is distracted.

I left the house and quietly shut the door behind me. I hurried to my car and drove to school. Sophie is going to pissed when she finds me gone, but that's the only way to get out of the house.

I got to school and found a parking space. I went inside the building and met up with my friends.

"Hey Aaron!" Caleb, my best friend, greeted me. "We were wondering when you were going to get here."
"I had a late start this morning."
"As usual." Connor, a member of my team, said. "Are you going to the party tonight?"
"I can't." I answered. "I have some stupid family thing to go to tonight."

"Come on. You always have things to do. Loosen up a bit."
"Sorry, can't get out of it. I'll make it up to you guys."
The bell rang and I reluctantly headed to class. I don't feel like sitting through class today. I really just want to be at home with Sophie. I can imagine her crying her eyes out because I'm not there with her.

"Hey Aaron." someone said. I looked to see Fawn, the head cheerleader.

"Hey Fawn."

"So when will we be going on that date?"

"I'd love to, but I'm caught up for the next couple of weeks. Maybe later."

"You're no fun." she pouted.

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