Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


I wait by Victoria's locker. I watch Caleb talk with our friends and I can't help thinking that I can't trust him. We made a promise not to date each other's exes, but I have a feeling he's going to ask Victoria out.

"Go away." Victoria says as she opens her locker. I didn't even see her come in.

"I want to apologize for yesterday. I was getting a little ahead of myself."

"You know, I really wish that you and Caleb would just leave me alone. Between Caleb last night and you this morning, I don't know who's worse. I'm done with both of you. Stop harassing me."
"Caleb spoke to you last night? What did he say?"

"It doesn't matter." She sighed. "I'm sick of you both bothering. Please, leave."

I make my way over to Caleb. I grab his shoulder roughly and turn him to face me. He gives me a confused look as I shove him against the lockers.

"We made a promise." I remind him. "You asked Victoria out last night, didn't you? She's off limits to you!"

"I just offered to treat her well and appreciate her. Two things you didn't do." I punch Caleb and my knuckles immediately throb after contact.

"What the hell Aaron?" Fawn asks, as she examines Caleb's jaw.

"I can't believe you're so worked up over a girl like her." Connor says. "She's nothing. Worthless." I punch Connor in the mouth, hoping it'd take him a while to say another derogatory thing again.

"Speak about her like that again and I'll do even worse."


After school, I head to my job to quit and say my goodbyes to Charlie. I'm going to miss my best friend their video chat and text. It just won't be the same not talking to her face to face. I arrive to my job and find my boss.

"What?" he asks. My boss is a jerk. I didn't have to deal with him much at work so the job wasn't too bad. But he's not the easiest to talk to.

"I'm quitting. I'm moving next week so, yeah."

"You couldn't give me two weeks' notice?"

"I would, but this is a last minute move. I'm sorry."

"Whatever. Just turn in your uniform before you move." He dismisses me with a wave of his hand and I roll my eyes as I go look for Charlie who sits somewhere in the food court on her break. I finally find her by some Chinese food place and I sit across from her.

"Hi." She greets me with a smile. "Don't you have off today? Why are you here?"

"I'm moving to New York next week." Charlie drops her fork and stares at me with wide eyes. "I know it's sudden. My mom got her big break and the job is in New York. Everything is in New York it seems. But this is the best thing that could happen to her and our family."

"You're leaving?" A sad expression crosses Charlie's face. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"We'll still talk. There's texting and video chat. It'll be like I never left."

"I want to know everything. How you're settling in, and new friends. Promise me. I don't want to worry."

"I promise." I laugh. "You'll want to be rid of me afterwards."

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