Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


I rest my head on Aaron's shoulder as he played with my hair, our bodies tangled together on his bed. Sophie played with his phone across the room.

"So, my dad likes to make up for leaving us and not being able to keep up with his visits." Aaron said. "And even though I'm 18, he still feels guilty. So he's letting me stay at his beach house this weekend. I pretty much do whatever I want. I could throw a raging party, have my friends over, or I could take you on a getaway."

A smile instantly came to my face. He would really take me somewhere for an entire weekend, just so we can be alone?

"You'd really rather take me with you?" I looked up into his blue eyes. "You could have a party or something."

"I'd rather spend my weekend with the girl of my dreams." he placed a kiss on my forehead.

My cheeks warmed and I lowered my head so that he can't see me blush. Does he pull his comments out of a book? How does he know just what to say to me?

"Up." Sophie said, coming along side the bed and holding up her arms. I reached over and lifted her onto the bed. She climbed over me and laid in-between us. Aaron took his phone back and scrolled through it. He then let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"Grace, she's on her way. And since she sent this message about 15 minutes ago, she should be here any minute."

I haven't actually come face to face with Grace since I found out that she's Sophie's mother. I hope to get along with her and become friends for Sophie's sake. I don't want to make an enemy out of her. I don't hate her, nor am I threatened by her. But that doesn't mean she feels the same way about me.

The doorbell rang and we both got up. Aaron went ahead to answer the door while I walked with Sophie. She held my hand as we made our way down the stairs.

"You can't just come over whenever you want." Aaron said in a low voice.

"Well I wouldn't have to if you'd answer my texts, or calls, or actually let me come over again."

Grace looked at us and a sort of frown appeared. She looked at Sophie's hand wrapped in mine.

"Hi Grace." I said with a small smile.

"Victoria, right?"

"Yeah. We chatted once a few weeks ago, remember?"

"Of course." she smiled. She knelt down to Sophie's height and reached out for Sophie's hand. Sophie moved away and clung to my leg. "It's okay. I'm your...."

"Stop." Aaron cut her off. "She doesn't need to know that right now."

"Why, so that she doesn't know the truth?" Grace snapped.

As I saw that his conversation was getting heated, I lead Sophie away to the kitchen. It's obvious that Grace isn't happy about me spending so much time with Sophie. But Aaron is my boyfriend and I love both him and Sophie. I'm not going to stay away for her benefit.


I'm glad that Grace wants to be involved in Sophie's life. But that doesn't mean I forgot about the three years she abandoned Sophie.

"She should know that I'm her mother."

"She will, when it's time. How do I know you're going to stick around? I don't want her to get attached and then you leave her."

"I'm not going anywhere. I wish you'd understand that. Maybe if you told her who I really am, she'd actually like me a little bit."

"Or maybe she wouldn't understand."

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