Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
I should go get Aaron right now so that he can witness Grace like this. I should help get her kicked out of their lives forever so that she doesn't have the chance to hurt Sophie, or Aaron. But what would that say about me? Sophie deserves to know and love and her real mother, not some stand in. And whether I like it or not, she's going to have to be around Aaron. If she's caught, it's all over for her.
I left Grace and Connor in the kitchen while I went to ask to borrow Aaron's car. He was now in the hall, working his way towards the kitchen.

"I know it was my friends who trashed the house, but does that really mean I have to clean it myself?" he asked when he saw me.

"I made some coffee for Connor." I explained. "I was going to help after, but then I remembered I needed something from the store."

"I could take a break and take you." he offered, setting the nearly full garbage bag on the floor.
"No, no, that's okay. If I could just borrow your car, that would be great."

He furrowed his brows and I began to feel nervous that he could see the lie written all over my face.

"Feminine products." I blurted, feeling the immediate blush come to my face.

"Oh, uh..." Aaron suddenly looked nervous. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys.
He handed them to me, and after a quick thank you, I left. I helped Grace to her feet and out the door. She hissed in pain as the sun hit her face, probably making her hang over much worse.

Once she was in the passenger seat, I walked around and climbed into the drivers seat. I set the GPS on my phone for Moorhead Prep.
"My head is killing me." she mumbled, resting her head against the seat.

"That's what happens when you drink too much." I responded, as I pulled out of the driveway. "Take two aspirin and get some sleep when you get back to campus."

"You're taking me back?"

"Yes. You can thank me later."

After about twenty minutes, I pulled in front of the gates to Moorhead Prep. Through the gates I could see a large, open grassy area. A large, four story building was in the distance. It seemed to have an east and west wing.

The fence surrounding the school seemed to stretch for acres and acres. I can only imagine how rich you have to be just to be considered for this school.

"Grace, we're here." I said, noticing she'd fallen back to sleep in the short time. When she didn't respond, I gave her a gentle shake.

"What?" she finally mumbled.

"You're at Moorhead Prep."

She stretched as she looked out the window at the closed gates, and then she looked at me.
"Victoria." she said in realization. "You brought me back?" I nodded. "What were you doing at the party? You hardly seem the type who'd be into that sort of thing."

"I could say the same about you, but I'd be wrong. Besides, the house belongs to Aaron's dad."

"That was Aaron's party?"

"Not exactly. His friends threw it for him. Anyway, it's time for you to go. I need to get back to Aaron."

"You didn't have to do this." she continued. "Why did you?"

"Because if Aaron knew you were there last night, he wouldn't want you seeing Sophie anymore and I won't deprive her of you. Besides, I don't enjoy seeing people in pain."

Grace slowly climbed out of the car and headed towards the gate. She pushed it and it opened. She squeezed through the small gap before closing the gate behind her. She gave me a small wave before staggering towards the large building.

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